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Stephanie’s Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy Monday, collegiettes! This week’s Pinterest Picks features three life hacks that are essential to any girl’s spring plans! Happy Pinning!

I love to color Easter eggs, but I don’t like getting the dye all over my hands. Solution? Dot Design Easter Eggs from Martha Stewart. All you need is a bingo blotter! A mess-free Easter craft–just don’t forget to hard-boil the eggs!

With the weather getting warmer and parties on the horizon, cold drinks are a must. For colliegettes who are of age, take a tip from A Subtle Revelry and change up the usual ice bucket. Filling balloons with water is a great way to keep drinks cold while adding a pop of color! Bonus: drinks won’t be dripping when you pull them out of the cooler. Check out their entire list of 13 Summer Party Hacks.

Cute tops and dresses can be ruined with a bad strapless bra. Saving the day is this imgur user showing us how to make a strapless bra not so strapless. This added support may the just the lift needed to rock that strapless dress! 

I am a Bentley University senior majoring in Marketing with a LSM in Media, Arts and Society. I make gluten-free goodies all too frequently and my favorite place in the world is the top of a mountain with my skiis on. I have an addiction to chocolate, Alice in Wonderland and laughing with my roommates. 
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