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Starting Your Freshman Year Right

Starting college is exciting! I don’t think there is anyone entering their freshman year who would say otherwise. It’s the beginning of our lives as independent adults, and the next four years will be full of incredible academic and social opportunities. At the same time, the thought of starting at a new school where many of the faces and places are unfamiliar can seem a little daunting and scary.

As a girl who tends to be slightly on the shyer side, I will admit that this was one of my big concerns in the weeks prior to college and even during my first couple of days here. Although it has only been a matter of weeks, here are a few things that I feel have made the transition to college a little easier…

1. Smile. Smile when you see someone you know, when you’re passing someone one the way to class… whenever. You’ll feel happier and more confident which will make approaching people and making conversation all the more easier.

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2. Open Your Door. This is a common piece of advice for college students living in a dorm, but after trying it for myself and seeing its results, I’d recommend it to everyone. Keep your door open. It’s a great easy way to meet everyone on your floor or even people that are just walking through. Before you know it people will be stopping by just to say hello.

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3. Take Risks. Often people don’t consider involving themselves in the things that are outside of their comfort zone or different from their normal routine. I know I am guilty of often not taking chances or trying new things simply because they are unfamiliar. In the few weeks since starting college, I’ve tried to involve myself in all the social activities and clubs that I have any interest in or want to learn more about. Even if it just means getting more information or attending one meeting, it’s worth it because it could mean finding something that you are really passionate about. Plus, it’s another great way to meet new people who have similar interests

4. Socialize in small groups. Go out and do things around campus on your own or with a couple friends. I find it’s often easier to meet people when you’re not part of a larger group. So grab something to eat or go to the gym and ask a friend or two to join you.

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