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The Stages of Procrastination As Told by Michael Scott


Because who could tell it better than the “World’s Best Boss?”


You get an assignment

It isn’t due for weeks and you tell yourself you have plenty of time

People remind you not to wait until the last minute like you always do

Before you know it, you only have one week left before it’s due

And your friends ask you if you’ve started yet

And remind you that you have to get it done

You start doing random things to avoid doing the work

And finally sit down to start but can’t make yourself focus

Then you realize that you have less than 12 hours to get it done

And you have to go to the library because you have no idea what you’re doing

And “Airfalcon” keeps cutting out

You end up pulling an all-nighter to finish

And wish you hadn’t by the next morning

But you feel so satisfied when, against all odds, you finished

And promise yourself you’ll never do that again

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