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Which dog breed suits your Spring Day style? Find out below, and leave a comment telling us which Spring Day pup you are!


1) Beagle

You’re the type of person that’s super friendly and is ready to socialize with everyone. You grab all of your friends and are sure to document the moment in some fab pics. Don’t get too distracted by making new friends and taking pics that you forget to enjoy the exciting activities and legendary day!  

2) German Shepherd

You may be the mom of the group, but also make sure to have fun too. There is no shame in being the mom! You have the awesome opportunity to have a great time during the Spring Day activities, but also make sure your friends make it back safe and sound to their beds at the end of the night. Without you, your friends would have so many cuts and bruises from falling down (or up) the stairs returning to their rooms. So good job being the person your friends can turn to.

3) Dalmatian

You are the type of person that wants to do all of the Spring Day activities, and makes sure to constantly be doing something throughout all parts of the day. You make everyone around you want to get involved in all the Spring Day activities, such as going on the inflatables and playing the games.      

4) Labrador Retriever

Did someone say food? You are the type of person that goes to Spring Day for the various types of food trucks and munches. From breakfast to dinner, and all of the delicious snacks in between, you have mentally planned where and what you are eating. Get excited for all of the food trucks, mac and cheese bites, and ice cream!

5) Border Collie

Ready to see all of your efforts throughout the semester culminate into an awesome event? You are the person who works with CAB and the artists to make sure this event runs smoothly and that everyone has an awesome time! Even though you have to set up for the event, you get the awesome possibility of meeting the artist and having back stage privileges.

6) Basset Hound

Spring Day? More like Relaxation Day! You will be found taking intermittent naps between activities or just chilling on the green space. You deserve the well-needed rest after a long semester of hard work and prep for finals. 





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