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Simone’s Pinterest Picks of the Week

Happy Monday everyone! Here are some Pinterest pins to brighten up your week and get you excited for Thanksgiving!

In case you’re in a pickle about what dessert to make for your family’s Thanksgiving, look no further! Here is an adorable, simple recipe for pumpkin-shaped rice crispy treats! Just mix 4 tablespoons of butter, a bag of marshmallows, and 4 cups of rice crispy cereal with some orange food coloring. Then shape the treats into pumpkins and add a chocolate stem! Your family will find them delicious and decorative!


Show your holiday spirit with some homemade fall candles. Just go outside and find some colorful leaves and paste them to a candle holder. Place your favorite candle inside and light it! This is a perfect table ornament that’s inexpensive and personalized.


In the celebration of the holiday season, here’s a perfect way to dress up your outfit with some sparkle and shine. Paint your nails nude, then pick your favorite holiday color and paint on a simple horizontal line. Then on your ring finger match the color with some sparkles and let your nails shine.


If you’re like me and struggling with the sun setting so early, here’s a beautiful picture of Bora Bora. When you’re feeling down from the sun setting so early, just imagine yourself in one of these beautiful houses on the beach, soaking up the sun and working on becoming a tan goddess. 

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