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Simon Moore, Associate Professor, IDCC

Professor Moore, originally from the UK, is an associate professor of Information Design and Corporate Communication here at Bentley University. His education and past work experiences make him a force to be reckoned with in the public relations community. With a PhD from Oxford, Moore also has experience in consulting and politics as well as expertise in public affairs, issues management, crisis planning, and environmental communication. Professor Moore is also an author. He has taught in Europe, Canada, and the United States. He sees teaching students as a privilege; we are lucky to have him!

Her Campus (HC): Where did you go to college?

Simon Moore (SM): I attended several places, including Plymouth, Birmingham, and Oxford. My PhD is from Oxford.

HC : Why did you decide to go to college?

SM: Because my parents would have been very shocked if I didn’t! To be honest, I had no practical objective. I suppose I simply wanted to seek knowledge – to understand the world behind me, around me and ahead of me. Not sure if I succeeded, but I’m glad I tried. 

HC: What courses do you teach at Bentley currently?

SM: I teach IDCC 250 Public Relations Theory and Practice, IDCC 355 Strategies in International Corporate Communication, IDCC 361 Sports Public Relations, and one or two others from time to time. I also like to do directed studies (IDCC 401) because I think a specialized research project is a personal growth opportunity for students.

HC: Did you always know you would be a professor?

SM: Nope – I still don’t know what I’m going to be.  One thing about spending time with other professors, though, is that they’re generally pretty curious about life and/or their field. It’s been a lifelong learning opportunity.

HC: What is your favorite thing about teaching?

SM: Grading. Well, maybe not. I’d say it’s working with the students themselves and occasionally knowing I’ve helped to show them new avenues of thought and creativity.  Actually, looking back, it’s been a privilege.

HC: What is your favorite thing about Public Relations (PR)?

SM: Hmmm…I like the opportunities it offers for creativity, such as using new technology imaginatively – and for getting to know lots of interesting people from business, entertainment, politics and other parts of the community. I’m also interested in PR’s profound power in shaping society; it’s often invisible, often overlooked, and for those reasons – paradoxically – all the more powerful.  PR is where organizations and society meet each other.

HC: Tell us about your work experiences outside of Bentley.

SM: I taught in the UK and Canada, worked in consulting for several years in Europe and North America, and worked for some politicians in the UK. I have occasionally done a little consulting; though that’s largely receded now as administrative demands have risen. I’m currently department chair. My professional interests are global strategic communication, issues and crisis management. Oh, and my first job was washing dishes in my local pub. Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that… 3 pounds a night plus tips.

HC: What advice can you offer students who want to go into PR/Information Design?

SM: Both are growing very fast. The information revolution has opened up many opportunities. The job market is strong right now.

Think about the areas you like – sports, entertainment, fashion, finance, politics, business, the arts, social activism? All these practice PR and offer internships. Do you like working with consumers? Managing organizations through a crisis? Representing someone in the public eye? Do you like creating things with words, images, events, by talking or by writing? Are you a people person?

Put together an online portfolio of your best work in class –your best work in information design, news releases, and blogs –and have it ready when you go for your interviews. You’ll find some useful stuff in the careers section of our website, including guidance from alums who have gone on and done well. I’m always open for questions, so feel free to get in touch anytime. Help yourself.

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