Sick Day Essentials

It’s that time of year around campus when everyone seems to be getting sick! If you do happen to be under the weather, check out these sick day essentials to make your sick day just a little better!

  1. 1. Drink TONS of Water

    When you’re sick water is your best friend! Not only will it make you feel better but it will help you flush the sickness right out of your system.

  2. 2. Find a Cozy Spot 

    There’s nothing better than finding a nice cozy spot to stay in all day and relax. Surround yourself with lots of pillows and blankets to keep you warm and comfortable all day long. 

  3. 3. Watch Netflix 

    Netflix is always a good idea especially when you’re sick. Some of my personal favorites are On My Block, Dynasty, and Grey’s Anatomy.

  4. 4. Try Essential Oils 

    Essential oils can do wonders for a cough and stuffy nose. Eucalyptus, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils are some of the best!