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SGA President: Alorra Kingston ’17

Since it is just the start of Bentley’s Centennial Year, we are excited to have Student Government Association President Alorra Kingston as our first featured Falcon this semester! SGA has done so much for Bentley’s campus over the past four years, and Alorra has been a driving force behind it. Bentley’s SGA was just recently voted the 8th most active Student Government on college campuses throughout the country! 

Name: Alorra Kingston

Hometown: Chelmsford, MA

Graduation Year: 2017

Major/Minor/LSM: Management; Leadership/Minors in Finance and Sociology

Campus Involvements: Student Government Association, Trading Room Analyst, Bentley Politics, Student Conduct Board

Interests: Dogs, Hiking, Skiing, Coloring with Markers, Boylston 34A


HC: What are your goals as President?

Alorra: We have a lot of goals and are always adding to our project list, but I’ll just name a few:

  • Printers on lower! Which is actually happening this weekend, as we speak.
  • Bentley mailroom efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Finding better avenues to connect with the student body is HUGE on the to-do and can always get better.
  • The over-arching goal is to make Bentley SGA number one in the country. We may be number eight right now, but that just won’t cut it. Gloria has been pumping me up for that.


HC: What are some things you are excited about for this upcoming year?

Alorra: First, the year-long party! Have you heard that we are celebrating Bentley’s 100th year?! I’m really psyched for all the events that we’ve been cooking up.

Second, the changes that we get to witness. As annoying as the construction may seem, how cool is it that we go to an ever growing school? And while lower campus classes can be a pain, I’ve been able to see more foot traffic across campus, and professors included are seen in less formal settings. It’s new to integrate students and professors on lower campus, and I’m loving it!


HC: How has your experience in Student Government shaped your experience at Bentley?

Alorra: Besides taking up all my free time—haha—the connections that I’ve made. They say it’s all about who you know, right? And I know so many people on campus and so much of the inside scoop from being a part of SGA. I feel like I have a stake it everything. Knowledge is power, right? Being in the know has definitely shaped my life at Bent.


HC: How does it feel to be a senior?

Alorra: Being a senior is really cool, but also so bittersweet. Recently, I can’t stop thinking about going to Bentley’s grad school…and it’s not because I want another degree or to advance my career in some specific way, but literally because I just don’t want to ever leave Bentley. The idea of it being my forth year—my last year—at the best place ever is too crazy. But my dreams of the Bahama trip have already started and that’s putting me at ease.


HC: What is your favorite memory at Bentley?

Alorra: Freshman first week was the coolest thing ever! Everyone so fresh and excited to meet each other.


HC: What is it like being the voice for students on campus?

Alorra: Oh it’s awesome. I always have an excuse to talk to people. People are my favorite thing next to sending emails and going to meetings. Being sure I am accurately representing what students are questioning or demanding is not easy, and it takes a lot of time out of my schedule, but I love it!


HC: How can others get involved?

Alorra:  Follow us on social media, especially the new Instagram.

Email us at [email protected] with comments you have about anything that goes on here at Bentley. 

Join us! Senate elections are beginning this week.  There are 5 senate positions open!

Have coffee with me or email me. I love feedback about campus—complaints and compliments both welcome!

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