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Senior Event Countdown!

As we enter into the beginning of April, it’s crazy to think that there are less than two months until graduation! As sad as it is to think about leaving Bentley, there is so much for us seniors to look forward to. In case you haven’t heard, here are the important dates to mark down in your calendars!


April 5th: Karaoke Pub Night

Make sure to be there Wednesday night for one of the final Pub Nights of the year. There is sure to be a lot of singing and a lot of laughing. Even if you’re not in the singing mood, the bar will be open, so stop by for a drink and to listen to some fellow classmates rock out on stage!


April 8th: Senior Boat Cruise

Tickets just went out for this event, and they went fast! This annual late night boat cruise around Boston includes DJs, games, food, and (non-alcoholic) drinks—but don’t worry, for those of you over 21, there is a cash bar on the boat!


April 22nd: Senior Barbeque

After last year’s Senior Wedding, this year our class cab has opted for a Senior Barbeque instead! There haven’t been too many details released yet, but keep an eye out for any updates!


May 1st: Red Sox Game

As the weather gets warmer, there is nothing better than going to a Red Sox’s game at Fenway. Look out for more information on getting tickets for this event as well!


May 11th: Toast with Gloria

Time to say “Cheers!” to all of the accomplishments of the Class of 2017! After Gloria’s busy Centennial tour, it will be nice to celebrate the past four years together. 


May 12th: Commencement Ball

The Commencement Ball is a fun way to kick off the continuous celebration that is Commencement Week! It’s basically high school prom on steroids—girls in long dresses and boys in their suits. Can’t wait to party the night away!


May 14th – 18th: BAHAMAS TRIP!

The trip we’ve all been waiting for, and the reason we’ve all been broke this semester! It’s a true Bentley tradition, making any non-Bentley person so jealous that our school schedules this for us. It will definitely be a trip none of us will forget, though some may not remember either!


May 19th: Baccalaureate

Though not mandatory, the Baccalaureate event allows for the Commencement ceremony to not be as long. It is also when the students and faculty you voted for get a chance to speak to the rest of our class!


May 20th: Commencement

Unfortunately, the end has finally come. We are officially about to become Bentley Alumni and real life adults. It’s time to say goodbye to classmates and the campus we’ve called home for the last 4 years.




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