Sarah Donlan '21

With 13 years of dance experience, the Bentley University Dance Team is happy to welcome Sarah Dolan to the roster.  She is experienced in tap, jazz, and hip hop—and can take those strengths to the football and basketball games whenever the team performs.  Sarah is a freshman from Plymouth, MA, studying Accounting here at Bentley.  One of her favorite aspects of dance is the creative expression that it allows.  Sarah loves meeting new people and thinks dance is the perfect outlet for just that.  Though she wasn’t sure that she wanted to dance in college until this summer, she is thrilled with her decision to keep up with her passion.

Sarah notes that some people do not take dance seriously—even though she and the team practice weekly.  Dance is a sport that people disregard because they are unaware of the amount of work and effort that the dancers put in.

Outside of dance, though, Sarah loves makeup in all respects.  She loves to expand her collection; she has self-confessed about her unhealthy amount of makeup—but really, there is no such thing.  Her dream job would involve professional makeup artistry.  She loves to play with makeup for costumes and, alternatively, also enjoys creating a glamorous red-carpet look.