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Sara Buckbee is a senior graduating in May 2017. She’s majoring in Economics-Finance and has a LSM in Health and Industry. On campus her involvements include the Fed Challenge and Fiscal Challenge Team. And her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Digging Deep

Her Campus Bentley: In an alternate universe, what would Alternate-Universe Sara have been doing over these past 4 years?

Sara Buckbee: Laying on a beach tanning. Lol what universe am I in?

HCB: An alternate universe. It can be whatever you like and you can be doing anything you want.

SB: I’d probably be sailing around the world exploring and relaxing all day on different beaches. I’d spend my time looking for whales and playing with baby otters…

HCB: Would you rather figure out the secrets of the deep ocean or the secrets of the universe?

SB: The universe, seems like there is much more out there!

HCB: You went on Semester at Sea, which country was your favorite to visit? Any other special memories you’d like to share?

SB: Ahh my favorite country is difficult! It would have to be between Morocco and Brazil. I went on an amazing Camel Trek throughout the Sahara in Morocco and explored the Amazon Rainforest on a riverboat in Brazil! Spending a semester at sea was the best decision I’ve made and to any students questioning going abroad – JUST DO IT!

Think on your feet…

HCB: If you were on chopped and the basket ingredients are: grasshoppers, lime juice, french fries, and gushers… what would you make?

SB: Hmmm I guess I would make some candy coated french fries. Melt down those gushers, add some lime juice and then dip the fries in that. I wouldn’t want to kill the grasshoppers, so I’d let them hop around on the side.

HCB: The grasshoppers are already dead, they’re actually freeze dried. Are you going to omit one of the basket ingredients and risk being eliminated? That’s $10,000 on the line.

SB: Alright fair enough, I’d sit them on the fries like “ants on a log”…

HCB: If I’m being honest, it sounds like you’re going to be eliminated after the appetizer round. Is there anything you’re good at cooking?

SB: I’m not surprised. I am a very picky eater so cooking is not my forte. The only foods I can make are pasta and cheese quesadillas….

Would you rather…

HCB: Let’s play a little more would you rather, it’s one of my favorite games. Would you rather have to drink all future coffee drinks out of a sippy cup OR have to add a mini pickle to every glass of wine for the rest of your life?

SB: Oh god definitely rather drink coffee from a sippy cup I’m way too big of a wine fan. Red wine and pickles for the rest of my life sounds miserable…

HCB: Would you rather: Only be able to eat Little Debbie products for a month OR only be able to wear a leopard print Snuggie for a month?

SB: Hmm Little Debbies for a month. Zebra Cakes and Ho-Hos are awesome!


Getting’ Steamy

HCB: Let’s get steamy now… what’s your type? Man-wise.

SB: Tall and big shoulders are a must haha. Oh and smart is always a plus.

HCB: Any preference with hair color, facial hair, education level? Anything like that? This is a dating profile you know, we’re trying to find you a man.

SB: Lol I already have a man so not looking for your help there…

HCB: Engaged? In a relationship? It’s complicated?

SB: In a relationship. HAHA engaged, girl are you crazy?


HCB: Ok last question. How many normal sized marshmallows can you fit in your mouth?

SB: … I actually did the chubby bunny challenge years ago I don’t specifically remember but I think it was around 9.

Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter. 
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