Sam Hunt Re-releases Mixtape

Odds are if you are part of the small percentage of country music fans here at Bentley you’ve heard of Sam Hunt, best known for songs like “House Party” “Leave The Night On” and “Take Your Time”. This past Monday October 27 he just re-released his mixtape titled “Between The Pines” to celebrate his first studio album “Montevallo” turning one and it is available on iTunes and Spotify. I say re-released because it originally came out in 2014 but was soon taken off the internet most likely because many of the songs on it are on his album “Montevallo”.

So for most of us who didn’t become fans until “Montevallo” Christmas has come early because there are 8 songs on it that weren’t on “Montevallo”. Two include songs “Come Over” and “We Are Tonight” which Hunt wrote but was made famous by other country stars. As far as the other songs they range from cute songs about love at first site like “I Met A Girl” to songs about just kicking back and having a good time in songs like “Vacation” and “Saturday Night”. And for those of you who are fans of “Ex To See” there are some great break up songs on their too like “Goodbye” and “Vandalizer”.

The great thing about this mixtape is that all the songs are acoustic so even the songs that are on it from “Montevallo” are much more striped down and have a different sound. For those of you who might not be the biggest fan of country I still suggest giving this mixtape a listen because it is surely not your typical country album with it sounding more comparable to Shawn Mendez than George Straight.