Rose Alois: Library After Hours

The story of a girl working at the library—after hours. Rose Alois is a sophomore. In her free time, she likes to take naps and avoid falling on the yellow lines of the crosswalk. When she’s not sleeping, you can find her working late into the night watching over one of Bentley’s most prized possessions. You may be familiar with the library during the day, and may have had some late nights studying—but we are about to go behind the scenes of what it really means to work the night shift at the library.

Her Campus Bentley: What’s your favorite thing about working at the library late at night?

Rose Alois: I don’t have to interact with humans since not many people are there.

HCB: Worst thing that’s ever happened at the library while you were working?

RA: One student spilled their coffee, and I was on my hands and knees cleaning the floor like the responsible employee I am. It was on the carpeted stairs, and I had to make a whole scene—but anything for the customer!

HCB: Do you ever catch up on some reading?

RA: I catch up on my AC 311 book, it’s my favorite novel!


HCB: Favorite late-night snack?

RA: The expired food that Einstein’s hands out at the end of the day. They have “best buy” dates which means they are still fine, but they can’t sell them to students. Those are just recommendations, anyway…


HCB: What’s the biggest difference between working during the day and at night?

RA: There are less students at night, and it’s harder to stay awake and be productive.

HCB: Favorite song on your late-night playlist?

RA: “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child gets me through the night—reminding me of how far I’ve come and that I can push through.


HCB: Scariest thing about working at the library late?

RA: People asking you questions.

HCB: Any future library goals?

RA: I’m hoping to climb the Bentley library corporate ladder and become a student supervisor next year. “Look at me, look at me—I’m the captain now!”

HCB: That is a big goal! We’re looking forward to seeing your future successes!

RA: Thanks! Also, my supervisors come through with snacks, so shout out to them for helping me through my hardest days.


HCB: Do you have to work a lot during finals?

RA: I have to work two overnight shifts from midnight to 7 AM, so be prepared to see my dead body at the library desk!

HCB: That’s rough. Did you pick your schedule?

RA: Yeah, we all pick our own schedules, and I just picked the late-night shifts because I’m crazy.

HCB: Other perks of working at the library?

RA: Walking back to your dorm on a brisk winter night!


HCB: Any last words?

RA: The Bentley Library is a great environment for students to either flourish or crumble and fail! It’s up to you which kind of student you want to be!


For reference, this is where Rose works! Stop by and say hi if you’re ever working late at night up at the library!


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