Rose Alois, '20

Rose Alois is a freshman from Niskayuna, New York. She’s planning on majoring in accounting or Information Systems Audit and Control (ISAC). On campus, Rose is involved in Bentley’s Non-Profit Society, the Bentley Democrats, Habitat for Humanity, and Circle K.

Getting to Know Rose

Her Campus Bentley: What is something you couldn’t live a day without?

Rose Alois: Deodorant. Gotta have it.

HCB: Any hidden talents?

RA: Finger contortions: I can bend my finger back all the way.

HCB: Do you have a job here on campus?

RA: Yes. I am a Video Production Assistant, which means that I record student presentations, professor presentations, and guest speakers who come to talk at Bentley.

HCB: What’s the best thing about your job?

RA: My favorite thing about my job is that I get to see all the guest speakers that come to Bentley.

HCB: What is your go to late night snack?

RA: Oh, peanut butter, yeah for sure! Straight PB on a spoon… two spoons if it’s a good night.

Let’s Talk Favorites

HCB: What is your favorite place on campus?

RA: The AGB (all gender bathroom), except for the Maple one, because one time I got locked in there for 5 minutes. It was traumatic.

HCB: What is your favorite thing to get at LaCava?

RA: The salad bar: mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, chickpeas when they have them, grilled chicken, and balsamic basil dressing. It's so good. And if I’m trying to treat myself, I’ll get a naked strawberry banana smoothie. However, if they have buffalo chicken pizza, I would get that over everything.

HCB: Favorite condiment?

RA: Honey mustard

HCB: What’s your favorite sports team?

RA: The Cleveland Browns!

HCB: What’s your favorite sport?

RA: Swimming

HCB: What is your favorite Disney movie?

RA: The Lion King. That’s actually my favorite movie, too.

HCB: Who’s your favorite artist?

RA: Beyoncé, Future, Migos, or Adele

HCB: What’s your favorite Netflix series?

RA: American Horror Story or Stranger Things

HCB Bentley: Favorite Bentley memory so far?

RA: Falling on the yellow crosswalk and cracking my phone. And failing my GB exam. And the Waka Flocka Concert. Sammy Adams dumped water on me. Best night of my life.

Would You Rather...

HCB: Would you rather trip up the Smith Stairs or drop all of your nuggets at nugget night?

RA: I’d rather trip up the Smith Stairs than drop all my nuggets, because if I dropped my nuggets, I’d have to go back in line and get more nuggets, and the line is always out the door!!

HCB: Would you rather win big at Super Bingo or get free t-shirts delivered to your door from every Bentley event that took place this year?

RA: Super Bingo. I don’t have enough room in my drawers for all those shirts.

And Now For Travel, Love, and Fame…

HCB: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

RA: Sicily, Italy. That’s where my Grandma’s from, so then maybe eventually I’d become the favorite grandchild, because right now I’m third.

HCB: Rumor is that you’re a great singer; can I get your autograph before you’re rich and famous?

RA: Yes, but I get 10% of the profit.

HCB: Relationship status?

RA: Single