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Rita Lucivero, Bentley Alum ’11

Her Campus Bentley (HCB): What year did you graduate from Bentley?

Rita Lucivero (RL): I graduated in 2011.

HCB: What was your major and/or minors?

RL: I majored in Information Systems and Audit Control

HCB: Where did you start working after graduation?

RL: I started working at Wolf and Company, P.C. It is a mid-sized accounting firm. I interned with them my junior year and was lucky enough to have them offer me a full time position as an IT Consultant before starting my senior year at Bentley.

HCB: Do you like your job/where you work? What is something you like most?

RL: Even though my company just celebrated it’s 100th birthday, we’re young at heart! My department (there’s about 19 of us total) are mostly under the age of 35. We’re hard working when we need to be, but we also have a lot of fun. We’re all pretty different but we all get along really well. Working with people around your age makes the work environment more comfortable. It can make people more approachable when you have a problem or question you need to work out.

HCB: What activities/committees where you involved in on campus?

RL: I was a member of the Bentley Dance Team!

HCB: What are your top 5 memories from college?

RL: I would have to say my top 5 memories are definitely the Bahamas, Senior Ball, all 4 Spring days, the Tropical Parties in the winter, and I loved just sitting in Seasons Dining Hall for 4 hours a day just hanging out.

HCB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

RL: Five years from now, I see myself hopefully still at Wolf and Co promoted as a manager.

HCB: What do you miss most about being at Bentley?

RL: I miss being able to see and interact with everyone on campus I used to. It’s harder after college since everyone tends to go their separate ways, depending on where job takes them and what not. I also miss sleeping in!

HCB: What are three words that describe you?

RL: Energetic. Motivated. Passionate.

HCB: Do you still keep in touch with your friends from college?

RL: Yes! Most of them, I’d say the group of friends I’ve had since college has stuck together. Most of my friends stayed around the Boston area after school, so we still see each other on the weekends. I do my best to also keep in touch with those friends that don’t live in the area. It’s harder, but I do the best I can! I actually just went to visit a few friends from school that now live in Belgium. I think it’s all about just making the effort with people. If you want to see them after college you will.

HCB: What advice would you give graduating seniors?

RL: Don’t be afraid of the real world. It’s not as bad as everyone says. The idea of 9 to 5 may be daunting, but it really is doable, I promise. The weekends can be just as fun as they are in college. No one says you have to grow up the second you graduate from college, so when you get out, just focus on having fun and doing what you love!

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