Reasons to See “I, Tonya”

Recently, my roommate and I made the rare occasion to the movie theater to see the highly-talked about I, Tonya. The biographical drama starring Margot Robbie follows the life of figure skater Tonya Harding from the beginning of her career to the Olympics, and touches upon her connection the 1994 attack on fellow figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. Prior to the movie, I wasn’t too sure what to expect—but I left with a vastly different perception of Harding and “the incident” involving Kerrigan. Here are the many reasons to get off campus and check out this film.


Margot Robbie starring as Tonya Harding

I, Tonya is Robbie’s first time starring as a strong female lead, and we are totally here for it! Her portrayal of Harding is spot on, 90s hair and makeup and all.

The incredible figure skating

It is very rare that the sport of figure skating is featured so heavily in a movie. Having been released just in time for winter and the Winter Olympics, I, Tonya is seasonally appropriate.

Biographical drama

If you’re into historical films or biographies, I, Tonya is the perfect mix of this and comedy.

90s Vibes

Into the 90s fashion comeback? I, Tonya may serve as the perfect inspiration for your next shopping trip. Margot Robbie rocks everything from light-wash high-wasted jeans to crazy patterned tops.

The Incident

Are you a conspiracy theorist? Then the portrayal of the “the incident” will give you a bunch of new theories on how involved Harding may or may not have been in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan.

Allison Janney starring as Tonya Harding’s mother

Janney puts on a comical and feisty representation of Harding’s mother, LaVona Fay Golden.

You’ll get a better understanding of Harding’s story

Tonya Harding went from being America’s sweetheart to hated in a matter of days. This movie is interesting because it tells the story of “the incident” from Harding’s perspective, making her out to be more of a hero and victim rather than a perpetrator.





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