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Rachel’s Top 5 BuzzFeed Articles of the Week


Happy Passover readers! In this weeks “Rachel’s Top 5 BuzzFeed Articles of the Week” features Justin Timberlake, chocolate and Craigslist. Enjoy Collegiettes

1)Watch Justin Timberlake Take 5 Shots of Tequila In Under 10 Minutes

If Justin Timberlake went to Bentley, he would have been the hottest, most talented man on campus, instead he is that for Hollywood. While being interviewed for The Jonathan Ross Show he and Jonathan Ross took 5 shots each in under 10 minutes, played mini-golf and listened to JT’s music. The tipsy duo is a must see.


2)11 Ways Chocolate Is Saving Your Life

Chocolate can easily be a best friend. It’s delicious, comforting and is always there for you. But did you know that chocolate has many lifesaving properties? Your sweet tooth could be saving your life, how awesome is that!

3)Hilarious Craigslist Ad of The Month

Craigslist is home to some of the most bizarre postings. This one seems to take the cake when this guy tries to find a roommate, but goes about telling his story in a hilarious way.


4)What It’s Like To Go To School In Boston

If you are reading this and are not a Bentley student or alum, you may still know how awesome Boston is to live in when going to school. It’s American’s college town, with numerous bars, sports teams and events all at our young and prying finger tips. Although there are over 80 colleges in Boston and surrounding areas, each one is quite different than the next. But we all can agree on one thing; Mikes Pastries is the best cannoli you have had in the states.

5)Tyra Banks Has The Best, Most Insane Vine Account Out There

We all know she is crazy, but crazy makes for a hilarious 6 seconds of video. 

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