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Rachel’s Top BuzzFeed Article of the Week


Did we scare you last week? Thinking you wouldn’t have the top BuzzFeed articles to look out for two weeks scared us too. SURPRISE!  We are back for this week. Sadly, we will be missing from your viewing pleasure next week, but will be back after spring break! Enjoy collegiettes!

1)    17 Animals Who Are Eating The Wrong Thing

This post is all sorts of cuteness! Small animals eating big fruits, bunnies fighting over leafy greens and a lion who really wants a snack! Check out these awesome GIFS.


2)    27 Things You Should Probably Avoid

Editing is an art; you have to catch mistakes and sometimes ones that can make a difference in a word reading as a profanity or simply as a public event. Who knew one letter could make such a big difference? Well, certainly not these people…

3)    17 Mouthwatering No-Bread Sandwiches

If you are like me and cannot eat wheat, or you just happen to want to watch your weight, this is the post for you! Lettuce wraps, Portobello mushroom buns or cucumber boats there are so many options.


4)    21 Ways 1999 Could Have Been Completely Different

1999 was a great year. Britney was still dating Justin. The Backstreet Boys were killing it with their coolness levels and Dawson’s Creek was what you imagined your high school years to be like. Yet, this BuzzFeed gives us clues into what our favorite 1999 songs, movies and television shows could have been different from what we know them as.

5)    Zoo Workers Imitate Mother Gorilla To Save Adorable Baby

Baby Gladys was born in a Texas zoo just a few weeks ago but was instantly ignored by her mother. Zoo workers therefore have spent their days feeding, cuddling and playing with the baby gorilla. I would like to nominate myself to play with Gladys. Check out this unbelievably sweet and adorable baby.

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