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Rachel’s Top 5 Buzzfeed Articles of the Week

1) The 24 Most Important Questions Ever Asked On Tumblr

Sometimes having an open pool for conversation can result in some seriously questionable responses. These, comments though, happen to be on the verge of hilarious genius. 



2) 23 People Who Prove Karma Is Real

If you are not having the best of days, this is the post for you! It certainly argues Karma is in fact a real phenomenon. 


3) 25 Reasons You’re Team Matty on “Awkward”

If you are familiar with Awkward, you know how adorable Matty is, I mean seriously cute. If you don’t watch Awkward as of yet, I am urging you to login to Netflix right now and quickly watch the past two seasons, it is imperative! See all of Matty’s cutest features below. 



4) 30 Incredible Once In a Lifetime Shots

Sometimes you get your camera out, press the shutter button, and BAM you get the most epic shot possible. These 30 images were taken at just the right moment, believe me, these are great! 

5) 21 Reasons Why We Are All Similar To Aubrey Plaza

If you are anything like me, you love the show Parks and Rec on NBC. One of the best characters on the show, and mostly all of them are the best, is April Ludgate who is played by the hilariously talented and sarcastic Aubrey Plaza. Here are 21 reasons why you are me are just like her…

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