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Rachel’s Top 5 BuzzFeed Articles of the Week

  1. Important Lessons Mothers Teach Their Daughters

With Mother’s Day approaching, this article is a great way to look back and evaluate how much our mothers or mother figures have done for us throughout the years. With cute pictures and sayings attached, this post is super cute.


  1. 25 Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand

Things aren’t always what they seem. ..you will see


  1. 23 Times I Screamed During Beyonce’s 90-Second Tour Promo

My obsession with Beyonce has been continuing to grow for more than a decade. I love this woman, and this tour promo had me freaking out and way too excited. See for yourself!


  1. 23 Reasons Why Parents Are Basically Just Little Children

I am sure like you, if I had a dime for the amount of phone calls from my mom asking me why the internet doesn’t work or my dad asking “what does this button do”, I could probably have gone on a shopping spree at this point. See these seriously funny parent mess-ups.


  1. Jimmy Kimmel Tricked A Bunch Of People At Coachella Into Pretending They’ve Heard Of Bands That Don’t Exist

Sometimes people just want to fit in, but when Jimmy Kimmel broadcasts it all over the nation, you just look silly…

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