Pros and Cons: Warm Weather

Warm weather is here to stay, Falcons! Amidst the very mixed emotions we're all experiencing in this end-of-semester stretch, let's take a look at the pros and cons of these hot, sunny days.


Pro: Sunny, beautiful weather.

Con: Wearing sunglasses to protect your precious eyes from said sunshine, and leaving those two marks on your nose that rudely rub off your foundation.


Pro: The sunshine warming your skin as you walk outside.

Con: Being outside for more than five minutes while walking up the hill, and breaking a sweat.


Pro: Hanging out on the Green Space with friends on a nice day.

Con: The weird tan lines you can’t seem to ever get rid of.


Pro: Dresses and skirts.

Con: One really aggressive gust of wind that makes you pull a Marilyn.


Pro: It’s nice enough outside to go to the gym.

Con: Losing an excuse to not go to the gym.


Pro: Just wanting to spend the day outside, enjoying the sunshine, while doing your work.

Con: Never actually getting any work done because you get so distracted.


Pro: You can drink iced coffee now without freezing your hand off.

Con: There is no con. Iced coffee is amazing.


Pro: Wearing all of your cute Spring and Summer stuff.

Con: RIP to all of the cute Winter outfits, which now need to wait another six months to be worn again.


Pro: Driving with your windows down, blasting music.

Con: Forget any hairstyle you may have attempted.


Pro: The trees and pretty flowers are blooming again.

Con: Attracting bees with your perfume, and running around like a lunatic while trying to avoid a sting.


Pro: The cute sleeveless shirts and dresses.

Con: Actually having to shave your armpits and legs.


Pro: Summer is coming! Bonfires, beaches, and best friends from home!

Con: Being sad to leave Bentley for the next three months, and missing all of your school friends.



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