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Professional Looks on Campus

With job interview season in full swing, sometimes it’s challenging to know which clothes are best to wear to an interview or networking event. At Bentley, you nearly always see students walking around in professional attire, and we’ve asked some of them to share which pieces make the perfect professional outfit!

In this photo, Melissa Fishbein is wearing White House Black Market. We love how fitting her blazer is, and the updo completes the professional look. 

We stole this professional look from one of the representatives for Wolverine Shoes at the Bentley’s recent Career Fair last month. This outfit is slightly more casual than the black blazer and slacks, but still works well for a networking or more casual type of event. We love the blue dress- it’s so eye-catching! The black tights and black boots pull together the professional look, and she has added a cardigan to stay warm in these colder temperatures.

We stopped Laura Villegas outside of Currito. She was wearing a similar professional dress as Melissa, but she has varied the traditional black blazer black slacks look with a grey blazer from Zara. Try out all different kinds of colored blazers- they really stand out against your typical black on black look!

Finally, Rachel Kramer is wearing Ann Taylor. We love the flowered skirt paired with the black top- this look is so classy! Her black tights and black shoes really pull it all together for a great professional look. 

What are some of the best professional looks you’ve seen on campus? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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