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During the pandemic, I have not been wearing makeup frequently, and when I do I try to keep my routine as simple as possible. I have also been trying to use products that are cheaper than some of my high-end staples to save myself money when repurchasing them. When the ELF Camo CC Cream was released and many influencers compared it to the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, I knew I had to try it. After using it a few times, I can say that it has many similarities to the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and is only a fraction of the cost. It makes similar claims and has ingredients that are meant to benefit the skin as well as a sizable level of SPF to help protect the skin further. The finish is natural, and it wears for a few hours before needing any touch ups and it will most likely wear longer for those who have a dry skin type. The only downside is that it is a popular product currently and many shades have been completely sold out at stores I went to find it. And on the topic of shades, the range is named in a similar way to that of the IT Cosmetics shades and it seems to be lacking in providing a wide enough array of shades to satisfy all skin colors. If you are a fan of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream or are simply looking for a new face product to give you a natural and medium coverage without feeling too cakey, the ELF Camo CC Cream is a must try!!!

Sarah Donlan

Bentley '21

I am currently a senior at Bentley University, majoring in Accounting and minoring in CIS. My favorite articles to write are about makeup as well as productivity tips. 
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