Product Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and Skin Clearing Facial Wash

With acne prone skin, I have tried many different acne treatments and face washes in the hopes they would be helpful for my skin. In many instances I have been unlucky and the products have not agreed with my skin, leaving me confused and frustrated. A few months ago, I decided to purchase a sample size of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and Face Wash and after a few days I started seeing a positive change in my skin. The face wash is gentle but has tea tree oil in it and you can feel it working when it is on your skin. It is easy to wash off and doesn’t irritate the skin after its use. The tea tree oil is a natural remedy for helping to get rid of acne, and after putting it on open blemishes at night, the next morning they are almost completely gone. Overall, the two products have been staples in my skin care routine, and I have already repurchased both of them!                                                           





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