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Olivia Miller ’19

Get to know Olivia!

Olivia Miller is a junior from San Diego, California. She chose to attend Bentley University and travel across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast because of her desire to explore and adventure. She is majoring in Math, with a CIS minor. Olivia is active in the Bentley community as an RA, a member of Delta Sigma Pi, and a part of the CWB. In addition, she keeps herself busy with an internship at Concord Wealth Management, where she assists with daily operations.


Her Campus Bentley: What do you like about being an RA for freshmen?

Olivia Miller: I like making connections and being a resource for my residents.

HCB: As an RA, do you have any go-to advice that you give to freshmen?

OM: Follow your heart in every sense of the phrase.

HCB: Will you be studying abroad?

OM: Yes! I am very excited to study abroad next year. I am looking to go to a country where they speak Spanish, so I can work on developing my ability to do so.


HCB: What is an essential part of your everyday routine?

OM: I always check to make sure I have a hair tie on my wrist. I am a huge fan of putting my hair up in a bun!

HCB: What is something you can’t live without?

OM: Chocolate

HCB: Coffee or tea?

OM: I am a tea girl; I actually love the way coffee smells, but I can’t stand the taste.

HCB: Do you have any quirky likes?

OM: I LOVE the smell of gasoline, Sharpies, Expo markers, or anything else that could unfortunately probably kill your brain cells.




HCB: What is your favorite dorm decor?

OM: Christmas lights

HCB: What is your favorite event on campus?

OM: Spring Day!

HCB: What is your favorite food?

OM: Nutella and peanut butter for sure! I also like anything to do with bread and cheese.


HCB: What is your favorite movie?

OM: Shawshank Redemption

HCB: What is your favorite classic Disney movie?

OM: I am loyal to Pixar, and love Finding Nemo!

HCB: What is your favorite part of Boston?

OM: I love Downtown Crossing because there’s a lot of shopping right off the T, but if you walk a little further, all kinds of restaurants and the Boston Commons are right there.


HCB: Favorite artist?

OM: Right now, Trey Songz

HCB: Go to outfit, no matter the weather?

OM: Sweatpants, all day, every day!

HCB: If you had to pick one meal to get at The 921 for the rest of your time here at Bentley, what would it be?

OM: The new teriyaki salmon they serve because it is by far the best meal I’ve had there.



Dreaming Big

HCB: What is your dream date?

OM: I would love to go to a beach, eat some fresh food (including my favorite, mangos), and end the day by being gifted a Corgi.

HCB: What is your dream vacation?

OM: A year-long global food tour.

HCB: What is your dream job?

OM: A dream of mine would be to be someone in the background of the song or a movie soundtrack. I want to make all the background sounds, like “brrrrrrrryah!” in “Panda.”

College freshman living in and exploring the vibrant city of Boston! Born and raised in the dirty jerz. 
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