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November Already? Let the Thanksgiving Celebrations Begin!

Can’t believe it’s already the beginning of November? Instead of thinking about the upcoming finals (yuck), start getting in the spirit of Thanksgiving! Whether you’re going home for the holiday or spending it here with your Bentley family, it’s time to start decorating and getting in the holiday spirit.

From September to December, Bentley is our home away from home, so why not celebrate the holidays just the same as you would at your real home? There are many different ways of getting in the spirit of Thanksgiving here at Bentley, and here are just a few of my favorites:

1. Decorate your room.
Time to take down the ghosts and hang up the turkeys. Now that Halloween has come and gone, we can get rid of the ghosts and candy (if there is any left!) and really get into the fall frenzy. Decorate your common room with pumpkins, turkeys, gourds and those pretty red, orange, and yellow leaf arrangements you see your mom snag from the Christmas Tree Shops for a buck or two. Simple decorations can change the whole atmosphere of your room.

2. Have a family dinner with your friends.
We know seasons is nothing compared to your mom’s cooking, but sometimes it’s just more of who you’re with as opposed to the food you’re eating. Before break starts, plan a dinner with your friends and forget about schoolwork or the GB exam coming up-just enjoy each other’s company. College goes by fast and it’s little moments like those that are the ones you’re thankful for when you’ve graduated and moved on. Family dinners with your friends at Bentley may not have the same food as family dinners at home, but the feeling of comfort is still the same.

3. Go out and enjoy the festive scenery in your community.
Spending too much time inside studying and ATTEMPTING to get your homework done? Treat yourself on a nice fall day, and go out and just enjoy your surroundings without any worries. Go to a local park or head into Boston Commons for the festive fall scenery before you can’t even step outside of your dorm without three or four layers on. Sometimes just getting out and away from school is the best method of relaxation, especially when there is pretty scenery to take in!


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