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Not Everyone Cares About March Madness

March is my least favorite month. Why? Because March means (1) snow, and (2) March Madness—and that’s about it. For the entirety of March, all you hear are the words “basketball” and “bracket.” Meanwhile, we have to suffer through yet another month of snow, and it seems like it’s never going to stop. Personally, I’ve never followed basketball and have no preference as to which team wins or loses. I didn’t even realize until a couple months ago that you aren’t allowed to carry the ball—you actually have to dribble it. I thought dribbling was just something basketball players did to look fancy. Honestly, Division I Men’s Basketball is something I just don’t care very much about, and we have an entire month devoted to it. So here’s some news for all of you basketball lovers out there: not everyone cares about March Madness.

There are other reasons to enjoy March though, and here are some of them…

St. Patrick’s Day

First day of Spring

Longer days = more sunlight = more happiness

Easter candy


Please note that I included no pictures of sweaty men running around trying to throw a ball into a hoop. That was intentional.






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