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Nicole Chabot-Wieferich, Director of Student Activities & Her Campus Bentley Advisor

Our campus celebrity is our Director of Student Activities, Nicole Chabot-Wieferich, who is also the new Faculty/Staff Advisor of our group, Her Campus Bentley!

She has years of experience in the higher education field and we’re excited to have worked with her during the past Spring 2012 semester! Nicole previously worked at Brandeis University as part of the Student Activities team. Although her students will miss her, Bentley is lucky enough to have such an experienced person leading our Student Activities. I sat down with her to find out more about her!

Her Campus Bentley: What made you decide to go into Student Activities?

Nicole Chabot-Wieferich: I was extremely involved in co-curricular activities when I was in college. The Student Activities office was my home away from home. When I realized that Student Affairs could be a career, I instantly knew that it was what I was meant to do. My passions for education, sociology, event planning, and working with people, all came together in the work that I do and I absolutely love it!

HCB: What’s your most memorable experience while working with students?

NCW: It’s too difficult to choose a most memorable experience I’ve had working with students. My favorite moments, however, are those where I can see the direct influence of my work on a students’ success. Whether that be a successful event, a personal breakthrough, or general growth and maturation, seeing a student learn and grow is what motivates me to continue doing this work.

HCB: What’s your favorite part of being Director of Student Activities?

NCW: My favorite part of being the Director of Student Activities is all the different people I get to work with on a daily basis. We have a fantastic staff in Student Activities, great colleagues across the University, and of course, excellent students that make our jobs fun and exciting. Every day brings something different which always keeps me on my toes.

HCB: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this school year?

NCW: Having started in this position last October, I am excited for my first full year at Bentley. Being able to see a year through from start to finish will really help me gain the full scope of the job, the Department, and the students here at Bentley. With that foundation, we can really look forward creatively to how we can continue to make Student Activities bigger and better!

Nicole can’t wait to know our students and share her ideas. Get excited, Bentley, and let’s all join Her Campus in welcoming Nicole as she begins her first full year here!

Bentley University, Class of 2014
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