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Are you holding up to the “new year, new you”?

Everyone always brings up what resolutions they have for the new year, so this is a little reminder to check in on the goals you set for yourself. We’re about one third done 2022 (crazy, right??) and people need a buddy to make sure there’s progress. For those of you who need a reminder – here it is.

I’ll admit, I need to work on my resolutions myself, so this is my own reminder. I set a few resolutions each year, because I like working towards multiple aspects of my life. I’m sharing my goals and progress, and hopefully I’ll continue to make improvements with the rest of you.

Hydrate More: This is definitely still a struggle for me. In January, I was doing really well and meeting my water goal almost every day. Once I came back to school, it was more of a struggle. I was not thinking about drinking water constantly with the new semester beginning. Because I was lacking in this area, for Lent I have up sweet drinks to help me drink more water. This helped me focus more on having water daily. With Lent over, I’m hoping to continue to choose water more often. I know with the warmer weather, I’ll be running outside more and I’ll be more inclined to drink water with that exercise.

Work on my Hobbies: I felt like I spend a lot of time doing schoolwork or scrolling on my phone. I wanted to get more hobbies in my life to have more activities. I joined a sorority, which I absolutely love and it expanded my life in so many ways already. So far, I have made more time for coloring and reading, which I have not prioritized as much. I’ve been looking for small work around me and have decent opportunities. I have been going on my phone less and getting to enjoy life more.

Watch Less TV: This resolution I have gotten to make the most progress in. I set a time to not start streaming until 5 on weekdays, and it has given me more time to do things I enjoy. I used to binge shows like crazy, but now that time is more scattered and I can do more things (such as my hobbies!). If anyone needs an idea for a resolution or making a change in life, this is definitely one I see results from.

Hi! I'm a current freshmen at Bentley and I am planning on majoring in marketing. I love Gilmore Girls, self-care/wellness, dogs, coffee, and so much more :)
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