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New Kids on the Court: The Newest Falcons on the Basketball Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Basketball season is in full swing, and it’s time that you meet the newest members on the team! Introducing Seth Stankiewicz and Christopher Hudson, Class of 2020. They live together, they play together, and they eat strawberry yogurt and lucky charms together. What a bromance.

Pictured from left to right: Seth Stankiewicz, Christopher Hudson, Sam Geschickter (also a freshman on the team)


Her Campus Bentley: Let’s start with the basics, can you state your name and number for the record? And just to clarify, I mean basketball number, unless you want all of campus to know your digits.

Seth Stankiewicz: #12 (They then continued to argue about the spellings of their names.)

Christopher Hudson: #14


HCB: Do you want me to write your name as Chris or Christopher?

Seth: Tough decision, man.

Christopher: Christopher

HCB: And what about your hometown?

Seth: Reading, Pennsylvania. I went to the Hills School and played on their basketball team.

Christopher: Hodgdon, Maine. I graduated from the Williston Northampton School.


HCB: Do you have any special pre-game rituals? Special foods you eat on game day?

Seth: I always try to get a good night’s sleep (Chris then interrupted to tell Seth how boring he was). I also usually try to eat Lucky Charms before games here at Bentley.


HCB: Is there a reason for that?

Seth: I’m not a superstitious guy, but I like Lucky Charms, and it puts me in a good mood before the game. I definitely listen to music before every game, not a specific song, whatever I’m in the mood for.

Christopher: I would say… hmm, I always have a cup of strawberry yogurt, sometimes multiple ones. I just really like strawberry yogurt, it’s the best snack. I always listen to music; I created my own playlist on Spotify.


HCB: What’s on the playlist?

Christopher: I mean, like we got some Drake, Kanye, M&M. I also always draw a cross on my hand before every game, just a little reminder that I’m playing for God.

Seth: Yeah, you better be making your own playlist if you’re paying $10 a month for Spotify.

(We then went on a tangent about how Spotify offers student discounts, but for some reason they wouldn’t work for Chris.)

HCB: Do you basically live and breathe basketball during the season?

Seth: Ummm, yes and no. Practice is tough, we have it almost every day. Usually we get one day off a week, but I mean we also are student athletes and our academics are really important. Between those two, it takes up the majority of our day.

Christopher: I would agree, it’s a major part of my day, but it’s not everything. Academics are really important because I know one day I won’t be able to play basketball, so my education here at Bentley is really important.


HCB: How many hours a day do you guys spend together, like with practice and living together?

Seth: Chris and I have one class together, so we don’t see each other too much– but, I mean, we eat together all the time and see each other at practice and then at night. We get along pretty well; we usually just joke around. Sam’s probably the neediest out of all three of us… I’m just kidding though.

(Sam is also on the basketball team the third roommate to Seth and Chris’s forced triple in Slade. Unfortunately he was sleeping when the guys were being interviewed.)

Christopher: Yeah, I have one class with Seth, none with Sam. I don’t usually see these guys during the day, but we usually try and get lunch together. Once 2:30 rolls around, we’re usually together for the rest of the day. We have a great time together though, it’s all shits and giggles. If we have problems, we’d definitely be able to talk about it. We’re becoming really good friends.


HCB: Do you guys have nicknames for each other and other teammates?

Seth: Um yeah, I mean… (*silence*)… some guys call me “Stank.” Coach refers to me as 12 sometimes if he really wants me to get going. We call Brandon “B,” there’s Ferg… just abbreviated names really, nothing cool.

Christopher: Sometimes I call Seth “Stanky Leg,” and Sam “Sammy G.” I mostly call him [Seth] baby cakes though if we’re being real.

Seth: If he calls me that I call him sweet cakes… Make sure to include that it’s just a joke though.


HCB: What’s it like being a freshman on the team? How do the other guys treat you?

Seth: Pretty good, but I mean, you definitely have to pay your dues. There’s no hazing or anything, but you have to gain Coach’s trust as a freshman. But in terms of the team, we fit in right away, even as freshmen.

Christopher: Yeah, going off of that I would say we have a great team, they really took us in, John too, our other freshman, I just feel blessed to have them as teammates. But I mean you have to pay your dues we have to buy the soap for the locker-room, carry the ball rack and get the towels, but that’s just how it is, you have to work your way up.


HCB: So does the basketball team party hard?

Seth: If we have an off day the next day we usually do something, whether it’s a social or a party, we just like each other’s company. Especially when we can spend time off the court, our relationship continues off the court and we have a lot of fun together.

Christopher: Yeah, I feel like just hanging with the team off the court is really cool, we get to know each other on a deeper level… that kind of sounded weird, but you know what I mean.


HCB: Anything else you want to tell your adoring fans?

Christopher: Follow me on Instagram. I’m dead teasing… actually not, though.

Seth: If you guys are reading this article, any support you can give us, we’d love. Just come to a game, we would really appreciate it.

Christopher: If you see us, feel free to stop us and make fun of this article, it would be a great bonding experience and give us a good laugh. Help us make new friends.

Alright, Bentley, you’ve met two of the four new Falcons on the basketball team. Now it’s time to give them our support, on the court and off. So go follow these guys and get out to a game!

  • @christopherhudson97 (Instagram)

  • @chudson97 (snap)

  • @sseth13 (snap and gram)


***Author’s Note: Sam Geschickter and John Watson are also freshman on the team but were not available to be interviewed but are just as awesome***


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