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I always get really interested in fashion when the seasons start to change. I like to freshen up my wardrobe and wear different items than what I wore the past season. Now that the seasons are transitioning from fall to winter, here are my winter fashion must-haves:

  1. Mini Uggs – Trendy? Yes. An absolute necessity? Also yes. Mini Uggs are so cute and comfortable and will match almost any outfit. I got mine in the “chestnut” color, but I also think the shade “caribou” is really cute.
  2. Joggers – Again, both comfort and style. Joggers have all the comfort and functionality of sweatpants, with a little bit of a sleeker and more stylish look. You can get cute joggers from almost everywhere, but I especially like the ones from Lululemon.
  3. Flared leggings – I truly believe athleisure will never die. Flared leggings are just as comfortable as regular leggings, but with a bit more, well, flare. I recommend the ones from Athleta.
  4. Flared jeans – wearing flared jeans is awesome because I really feel like I can channel my inner Elena Gilbert. Pair them with some low-cut boots and you’re good to go. You can get really cute flared jeans at American Eagle.
  5. Flannels and sherpas – These types of jackets are great for adding a layered look to your outfit and making sure you stay warm.
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