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After spending much time and money in Lush, I have figured out the absolute best products this company sells so you can enjoy too!

1. Fresh Face Masks

All of Lush’s Fresh Face Masks serve a specific purpose, whether it is designed for dry skin, oily skin, blemish-prone skin, etc. Not only do they all work great, but they are offered at a decent price for the size container they come in. Most of the masks smell great and you really feel like they do what they are designed to do. My personal favorites of the Fresh Face Masks include Rosy Cheeks and Oatifix. Both of these masks smell amazing (I have to stop myself from eating Oatifix) and your skin feels hydrated and refreshed after using them!

Note: These masks have a best-used-by date on the packaging as they are made of fresh ingredients and have a period of time when the masks are most effective (usually about three weeks).

2. Mask of Magnaminty

This is another great face mask, but it does not have an expiration date of three weeks like the fresh face masks, so you can keep it and enjoy it for much longer. This mask is really great for a gentle, natural exfoliation and it smells amazing, like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

3. Hot Oil Hair Treatments

These are really amazing for whatever your hair needs, if it is oily, dry, heat-damaged, etc. They look a bit like lollipops and are not at all as they seem! What you do is boil some water, put the stick in a mug, pour in the water (not too much – about halfway of a smaller mug) and begin mixing the stick. The water and oil mask mix and become a hair mask that you massage into your hair and scalp. Allow it to sit for a bit (I usually let it sit for an hour or so) and then wash it out in the shower. Your hair feels so amazing and soft afterwards! My personal favorite is “New”, which smells like cinnamon and makes my hair feel so good after for days. Highly recommend!

4. Vanishing Cream

This is a fantastic face lotion that smells really great and refreshing, and has helped my skin so much. It is really great for sensitive skin that needs some toning and calming elements in the face lotion you use. This cream has witch hazel, rose water, lavender honey water, and many other fantastic ingredients that work for sensitive skin! While it is on the more expensive side ($45 for 1.5oz), I have had mine for a couple of months and am only halfway through. It is truly worth the money.

5. Angels on Bare Skin

This all-natural facial cleanser works wonders! It is the counterpart of the vanishing cream, so the two products work together to gently clean without absolutely  drying your skin out, and moisturize without making your skin feel oily. This is truly my favorite facial cleanser and I have seen such an improvement in my skin since trading off days between this cleanser and my regular facial cleanser. However, once I run out of my drugstore face wash, I am switching completely to Angels on Bare Skin. This is a product worth trying out! If you decide to check it out, go to a Lush and ask them to demonstrate how it works. I have yet to meet a Lush employee who was not the kindest, sweetest person who only wants to help you find what you are looking for, so they will be happy to help you find which all-natural face wash would work best for you and how to properly use it!

Note: If you bring back five empty black pots from Lush to any Lush store you get to choose a fresh face mask to bring home for free!

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Allison Weed

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Allison Weed is a senior at Bentley University. She is majoring in Marketing with minors in Information Design and Corporate Communication, and International Affairs. She is the President and Campus Correspondent of the Bentley University Her Campus Chapter.