My Holiday Essentials

Though November has only just begun, once Halloween is over I always find myself irrevocably excited for Christmas, and looking for ways to be in the holiday spirit. Some people may say it’s too early—but the way I see it, Christmas is one of the best times of year, and it only comes around once, so why not celebrate it for as long as possible? With exactly six weeks until Christmas, here are some of my essentials for the holiday season as it begins:


Christmas Music

Though many radio stations wait until after Thanksgiving to start playing holiday songs, you can look up playlists on Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music to find a myriad of holidays songs to listen to while getting ready for the day or doing homework.


Christmas Movies

My go-to for holiday movies this early in the season is the Hallmark channel—they’re constantly airing movies that get you into the Christmas spirit at any time of day. Any movie with a theme centered around Christmas seems to put me in a good mood and gets me excited for the holidays to arrive.


Warm Drinks

Whether it be coffee, tea, or (my personal favorite) hot chocolate, a warm drink always makes me feel cozy on a cold fall or winter day. You can grab one at Einstein’s on your way to/from class, or if you’re running low on discretionary by the end of the semester, you can buy a pack of hot chocolate and use a microwave to make a warm drink in your dorm.



Whenever I want to feel more festive, decorations help to improve my mood and encapsulate the holiday spirit. Getting a Christmas tree and decorating it with your roommate can help to get your dorm holiday-ready, plus it’s also a festive bonding activity. Putting up some lights around your dorm can make your room seem cozier, and having an advent calendar to count down the days can make the time you have left before the holidays seem more manageable.


Cozy Clothing (especially fuzzy socks)

As the temperatures are dropping and it’s finally starting to feel like fall, break out a cute vest or jacket that you feel stylish in to keep you warm. Get a sweet pair of festive pajamas that you can put on after a long day—and, most importantly, have and abundance of fuzzy socks, even ones that are Christmas themed! You can never have too many pairs, and they instantly make you feel more festive.



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