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My Favorite Asian Restaurants Around Waltham!

Nothing makes me happier than fried rice, lo mein, and a warm bowl of pho. When I’m at school, I always love trying out different Asians restaurants nearby because it reminds me of when my mom would make my favorite Vietnamese meals at home! With the coronavirus pandemic and the recent rise in Asian hate crimes, many Asian restaurants and businesses have faced less patronage and more racism. If you have some extra money to spend on a night out, dining at these Asian restaurants in the Waltham area is a great way to support small businesses and the Asian community during this pandemic! Here are some of my personal favorite Asian restaurants near Waltham!


Pho 1 Waltham

A Waltham classic for Asian food is Pho 1 Waltham. Pho 1 Waltham is located right on Moody Street, making it a popular spot for many locals. Inside the restaurant, you will be greeted by friendly waitresses and fast service. The tables are spaced out to abide by social distancing rules, and the waitresses are always fully masked. They also provide plastic cups and utensils, so you do not have to worry about reusing others’ glasses or silverware. Also, their prices are very affordable, which is perfect for college students! If you’re looking for an appetizer, their crispy wontons are to die for. For entrees, I would recommend their duck noodle soup, but if you’re looking for a lighter option, pho ga (chicken pho) is a great option! Also, don’t forget to get a serving of fried rice – it’s savory yet slightly sweet at the same time!


Pho Osha

Pho Osha is another one of my favorites, located in Watertown, MA. This restaurant serves Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, giving you a lot to choose from! However, their seating is pretty limited due to COVID guidelines, so make sure to call ahead if you plan on dining in. Their waitresses were extremely attentive, and their service was incredibly fast. We only waited five minutes after ordering for our first appetizer to come out! Their prices were also pretty affordable, making it a great option if you’re currently dorming. I would definitely recommend their osha fried rice and mi wonton, a noodle soup with a chicken broth base and pork wontons!


Shanghai Cuisine

My next favorite is Shanghai Cuisine, a Chinese restaurant located right off Moody Street. Shanghai Cuisine has a ton of seating, so this is the place to go on a busy weekend night! I have been to Shanghai Cuisine three times now and each time I go, it gets even better! The waitress there is extremely kind, sweet, and attentive. She recognized us every time we returned and treated us like family! The food there is extremely good and quickly prepared. But be warned – their portions are massive, so be sure to bring some friends because one plate could definitely feed three to four people! If you go, make sure to order their lo mein, fried rice, and orange chicken!


Dumpling Daughter

My last recommendation is Dumpling Daughter in Weston, MA. Dumpling Daughter is a Chinese eatery, serving dumplings, buns, soups, and sides. They are currently only taking carry-out orders because of the pandemic, but their ordering process is extremely fast and easy. They also packaged our food extremely well to withstand a bumpy ride home! At Dumpling Daughter, I would recommend the BBQ pork buns – they’re crazy good! I also really like their chicken and napa cabbage dumplings and their organic chicken ramen!


I hope reading this article made you hungry because I know it made me starving for some lo mein! The next time you’re craving some Asian food, be sure to check out these local Asian restaurants. These are all small businesses that could benefit from some extra service right now, so try to support them when you can!

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