Must Tries: Smorgasburg Edition

Smorgasburg now has three locations to try over 100 amazing vendors throughout New York City. If you find yourself visiting, here is a list of the must tries—and some very insta-worthy food items! For all locations and hours, visit their website.


John’s Juice

With their tagline, “All Juice, No Cups,” you ponder what they could be serving. John’s Juice creates delicious drinks and and uses fresh fruit as their cup!


Big Mozz

These mozzarella sticks are out of this world! For $10, it's an experience not to be missed.


Ramen Burger

On a Ramen Burger, there is no regular potato roll bun—the bun is actually made out of ramen noodles! Chef Keizo Shimamoto wanted to combine his love for L.A. and Tokyo foods, hence the creation of the insta-famous Ramen Burger.


Baked Cheese Haus

Freshly baked cheese is scraped from the wheel and piled high on a loaf of bread. Check out this cheese avalanche here!



Pictured: the ‘Wowfulls Creation’

While creating this beautiful dessert, Wowfulls replicates this egg waffle that originated in 1950s Hong Kong, titled the Gai Dàn Jai. At the brick and mortar location, you are able to create your very own Wowfull; at Smorgasburg, there is a selection to choose from.  



Insta-famous for their churro ice cream sandwiches, Dulcinea’s churros were a must try. The churros had a great texture and were served hot with the sauce of your choice!