Moody St. Must-Tries: Charcoal Guido's

Located at 482 Moody St., Charcoal Guido’s is a MUST try!!! Coming from a very Italian town in northern New Jersey, I am a harsh critic of Italian food.  Charcoal Guido’s is a modern pizzeria and bar serving authentic Italian food. They have all different types of wood fired oven pizza ranging from classic Americano to Figs and Gorgonzola for those with more sophisticated taste palates. In addition to pizza, they also have a variety of pasta and entrees, such as homemade gnocchi and chicken parmigiana. Their menu has a wide variety of food, so it may be hard choosing just one. Luckily, the pizzas are perfect for sharing, so get a few for the table to mix and match!

The ambience in the restaurant is very modern and attracts a younger crowd. Red walls, bar top seating, as well as tables, and a contemporary feel all make this restaurant the perfect restaurant and hangout for college students and young adults. There is not much seating inside, so be sure to make a reservation when going with a larger group.

For dessert, Charcoal Guido’s is known for their Nutella pizza. It is wood fired dough filled with Nutella and ricotta cheese. The famous dessert comes in two different sizes: a duo for two people or a family size for four to six people. Whichever suits your needs, add fruit for another layer of deliciousness because for only a little more, the fruit tops off this delicious dessert. But wait, I’m not done! Cannolis and tiramisu are just a few of the other many options available for dessert.  Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong!

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