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Mmofra Trom Bead Project


If you have been listening to the local Boston radio stations, you might have heard an ad titled “Why Business  University?” featuring the Mmofra Trom Bead Project, a social enterprise created by Bentley students. After only 4 years in action, the Bentley Mmofra Trom Bead Project has raised $44,000 to pay for eleven of sixteen students’ continuing their education after they graduate from the Mmofra Trom Education Center in Ghana, and they have no plans to stop these endeavors anytime soon.

This organization resulted from Professor Dianne Kellogg’s work with the Ghana Project, where she took a group of Bentley students to the Mmofra Trom Education Center.  Students live at and attend Mmofra Trom because one or both of their parents is unable to care for them. Tuition-paying students at the center allow for the sixteen students to live and go to school there free of charge until 8th grade. High school, though, costs $1,000 per child per year, and was not an option for most students, who do not have both or one parent to help pay this bill. A group of constantly creative Bentley student social entrepreneurs, together with the guidance of Dr. Kellogg thought that they could use the traditional Ghanian bracelets that these students make as an after-school project and sell them to raise the required education funding. Check out how the stunning bracelets below!

The group sells these gorgeous hand painted bracelets, and 100% of the profits is sent to the cause.  They obtain sales via their website, pub crawls, partnerships with other universities such as Babson College and Roger Williams University, and other campus events in collaboration with other Bentley organizations. Outside vendors also buy bracelets and sell for a set price, and students and organizations are even able to sell bracelets for a cause of their choice. The group suggests buying the bracelets for $5, selling for $10, and donating half to your own cause or to the Bead Project. Whatever works!

Want to be involved with the cause? Students can join the Bead Project, and meet bi-weekly with other Bentley students to discuss future events and fundraising projects. The Ghana Project is also an option, and each year, faculty-led programs travel to Ghana over winter break or students can partake in a Ghana Project internship for eight weeks over summer vacation. This is a great opportunity to experience the cause firsthand and directly impact these students’ lives.

To learn more about this awesome initiative, check out http://www.mmofratrombeadproject.com/ or contact the Bentley group at mmofratrombeadproject@gmail.com Check out their other social media handles as well, which are listed below! Drop-in hours to purchase a bracelet are 5:00-6:30 in Adamian 322.





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