Mike Sullivan '19

Meet this week’s campus cutie Mike Sullivan, a sophomore CIS major who knows how to tear it up on Guitar Hero.

Name: Mike Sullivan

Hometown: Hopkinton, MA

Age: 19

Grade: Sophomore

Major: CIS

Campus Involvement: DKE, Treasurer of GAC, and he was in the Ski and Snowboard Club for a short time freshman year.

Her Campus Bentley: What is your hidden talent?

Mike Sullivan: I can tie cherry stem into a knot with my tongue ;) and I’m an expert at Guitar Hero, challenge me to “Through the Fire and Flames”

HCB: If your life was a movie who would play you?

MS: Leonardo DiCaprio

HCB: What is the last thing you binge watched?

MS: Shameless

HCB: Quick! What is the last thing you google searched?

MS: lil wayne teardrop

HCB: What is the Sully Starter pack?

MS: Vans, Blender Bottle, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, and a Chicken Caesar Wrap

HCB: What is your favorite Bentley memory?

MS: Spring day last year, the Chainsmoker’s concert

HCB: Most embarrassing college mem?

MS: Falling asleep in a plate of food at seasons, it even made Bentley Snaps.

HCB: Coolest thing you've ever done?

MS: I went parasailing in Hawaii

HCB: Fav place traveled?

HS: Lake Como in Italy

HCB: Perfect on campus date?

MS: Forest 450 rager

HCB: Best Feature?

MS: My procrastination because it gives me a lot of time for fun.

HCB: Celeb Crush?

MS: Niykee Heaton

HCB: Favorite pickup line?

MS: If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put you and I together.

HCB: Relationship status?

MS: In a relationship


Make sure you check out GAC’s upcoming event, Lipsync on February 28th (next Tuesday night) at 9:15pm. Tickets are on myBentley!