Michael Ruff: Senior Accounting Lecturer

Professor Michael Ruff is one of my favorite people in the accounting department. After taking him for AC311 and hearing his name mentioned all over campus as one of the best professors, I realized he is the perfect campus celebrity. He always gives great in class examples and really connects with the students. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class of his, I totally recommend it!


HC: What is your official job at Bentley?

Ruff: Senior Lecture in the Accounting department, but I am also a full time PHD student finishing my dissertation.


HC: What is your favorite part of teaching?

Ruff: Of course the students are. It is fun and informative to work with such bright young individuals.


HC: What is your least favorite part of teaching?

Ruff: My least favorite part is the all the grading.  


HC: How long have you been teaching here?

Ruff: Oh, I suppose around 10 years. I began as an adjunct in the early 2000’s and became full time in 2011.


HC: Where have you worked prior to teaching at Bentley?

Ruff: I taught at Clarke University and Boston University before teaching full- time at Bentley. As for the accounting industry, I began in public accounting for EY and then moved into private accounting working for numerous healthcare organizations.


Bentley related…

HC: What do you recommend for students in your classes for success?

Ruff: I don’t want to sound cliché, but I believe you should take accounting seriously because it is the backbone to all business. With knowledge in accounting it can lead to many different great career opportunities.


HC: What is your favorite Bentley memory?

Ruff: My favorite memory at Bentley was the day I passed my PHD comprehensive exams. I was in San Francisco when I received the news and I was so happy. I was in such a beautiful city and got the best news, this means I can now finish my dissertation for my PHD. But, I look forward to more Bentley memories in the future. 


HC: What is your favorite spot on Bentley’s campus?

Ruff: I have many favorite spots around campus. But two of my favorite places are the library and the gym. The library because it is really quite and has so many great resources, and the gym because it is one of the greatest fitness centers I have ever seen.


Outside of the Bentley bubble…

HC: Any hobbies?

Ruff: Oh I have a lot of hobbies! I enjoy sports, the arts specifically music, museums and any cultural things. I love Boston and New York for all the cultural places they offer. Oh I also love trying new foods!  


HC: First job?

Ruff: In high school, my first job was as a caddy at a local country club. I also played in my high school band called, Purple Haze.


HC: Where did you attend College?

Ruff: I attended undergrad at Penn State University. I got my MBA from Boston University and a certificate of accounting from Bentley. I am currently working on my PHD from Bentley and when I complete it I will be a double falcon!


Speed round

HC: Favorite museum:

Ruff: Museum of Science in Boston


HC: Favorite Sports team:

Ruff: Penn State Nittany Lions. I am proud to be an alumnus!


HC: Favorite Vacation destination:

Ruff: New York City


HC: Favorite Band/ Artist:

Ruff: I like all kinds of music and it varies every day. So today my favorite band is the Rolling Stones. My favorite member is Mick Jagger because he began by studying accounting at the London School of Economics before becoming a musician.


HC: Favorite Animal:

Ruff: Our family dog, Maple. She is a 9 year old yellow lab.