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Meet the Bentley Her Campus E-Board!


Caroline Gervais

Major: Information Design and Corporate Communication (IDCC)

Minors: Management and Politics

Class: Senior

Hometown: Durham, Connecticut




Allison Weed

Major: Marketing

Minor: IDCC

Class: Junior

Hometown: Wethersfield, CT




Brooke Jameson

Major: Marketing

Minor: IDCC and Psychology

Class: Senior

Hometown: Bedford, Massachusetts





Melissa Zweigbaum

Major: Undecided

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: East Hanover, New Jersey




Amanda Shoemaker

Major: Marketing; Media Arts and Society

Minor: Law; Politics

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Carlisle, PA



Jamie Bodner

Major: Marketing

Minor: French

Class: Senior

Hometown: Montvale, NJ




Summear Schenarts

Major: Accounting

Class: Junior

Hometown: Colchester, CT




Ashlyn Kaur

Major: Information Systems Audit and Control

Minor: Psychology

Class: Junior

Hometown: Newton, Massachusetts


What’s your favorite place on Bentley’s campus?

Caroline: The Career Services Office! I’m a Student Director of the CareerEdge and Event Planning side of their Career Colleagues Program and I’m pretty much always there…

Allison: The Student Center

Brooke: The pool! I am on the swim team.

Melissa: La Cava!

Amanda: The library

Jamie: The tables outside of Lacava

Summear: The new Bentley Arena!

Ashlyn: The Student Center


What is your role on the Her Campus Eboard?

Caroline: Co-President

Allison: Co-President and Campus Correspondent

Brooke: Social Media Chair

Melissa: Social Media Marketing Chair

Amanda: Editor-in-Chief

Jamie: Editor-in-Chief

Summear: Events and Marketing Director

Ashlyn: Treasurer


What is your go-to restaurant?

Caroline: Panera or Cheesecake Factory

Allison: Bertucci’s or Panera

Brooke: Felipe’s in Harvard Square

Melissa: Anything with a good burger

Amanda: Cheesecake Factory

Jamie: Anywhere in the North End

Summear: Chick-fil-A

Ashlyn: Wagamama  


What are you most excited about for this year?

Caroline: Making the most of my senior year and taking full advantage of all the opportunities available to me! As well as working with this awesome new eboard and team of writers we have this year!

Allison: Being responsible for a new and amazing team of writers and seeing how we can build the chapter!

Brooke: Senior week and all the fun events we will have! (Although I’m in no rush to get there)

Melissa: Meeting new people and getting more involved with Her Campus!

Amanda: I’m excited about taking some really interesting classes!

Jamie: I’m excited to fully immerse myself back into Bentley and enjoy my last year here!

Summear: I am most excited about being able to represent Bentley for women’s hockey!

Ashlyn: I’m excited to live in an apartment!


Bentley University Junior majoring in Information Design and Corporate Communication and a double minor in Management and Politics. I am a Gamma Phi Girl with a passion for fashion, Netflix, and all things Shonda Rhimes. Always ask yourself "What Would Brook Davis Do?" and never say no to coffee!
Allison Weed

Bentley '20

Allison Weed is a senior at Bentley University. She is majoring in Marketing with minors in Information Design and Corporate Communication, and International Affairs. She is the President and Campus Correspondent of the Bentley University Her Campus Chapter. 
Swimmer & Nicholas Sparks enthusiast
Melissa is President and Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Bentley University.  She is a senior majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish and Psychology.  Melissa studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain!  In her free time, she loves to read, write, play tennis, volunteer, and spend time with family and friends.  You'll usually find her exploring new places and restaurants and then writing articles about them!       
I am a senior at Bentley University with a major in marketing. I plan to go to law school after finishing my undergrad.
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