Meet the Bentley Her Campus E-Board!

Bentley’s Her Campus e-board is coming at you with insider HC deets and all their deepest darkest secrets in this week’s super special interview. Say hello to Molly Gross, Starr Coughlin, Kasey Huntress, Nicole Furnari, and Claudia Holub!


Her Campus Bentley: Why did you ladies join Her Campus?

Molly Gross: I really enjoy casual writing about obscure things, and I needed to join SOMETHING on campus, so HC seemed like the perfect outlet to get my pieces published.

Claudia Holub: My friends dragged me into it.

Kasey Huntress: I like to write, and I liked that Her Campus was a really casual organization that was easy to join.

Nicole Furnari: I was told there was free stuff.

Starr Coughlin: It spiced up my Tuesday nights.

HCB: Give me your basic b*tch facts: name, hometown, year, major, HC position

Molly: Molly Rebecca Gross, Goffstown NH, senior, Marketing major/Health & Industry minor, Co-President

Claudia: Claudia Megan Holub, Garden City NY, senior, Accounting major/HR and Psych minor, Treasurer

Kasey: Kasey Cathleen Huntress, Harrison ME, senior, Marketing major/IDCC minor, Editor

Nicole: Nicole Alexandra Furnari, Danvers MA, senior, Marketing major, Social Media Chair

Starr: Starr Saunders Coughlin, Ridgefield CT, junior, IDCC major/Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability LSM, Co-President


And now for the good stuff!


HCB: What type of cheese would you be?

Molly: I would be a combination of feta and goat cheese, tangy and soft and very spreadable.

Claudia: Swiss because I’m so holy. God bless.

Kasey: American #USA.

Nicole: I wouldn’t be any because I’m a lactard.

Starr: Brie, bc I’m “fancy…”


HCB: What’s in your starter pack?

Molly: Feta, Earplugs, Winged Eyeliner, Marble Rolling Pin

Claudia: Velvet Scrunchies, Earrings, Pizza (NY edition), Barefoot Reisling  

Kasey: Potatoes, Every Season of NCIS, Comfy Pajamas, Anything/All Things Christmas

Nicole: Monograms, Oatmeal, Cleaning Supplies, Iced Coffee

Starr: Mason Jars, Avocados, Ankle braces

HCB: Favorite Bentley memory?

Claudia: That's easy, it was the first day I met Casey McManus.

Kasey: 10/22/16, the night that Boylston B flooded and we spent the night sliding in the mud on the Greenspace.

Nicole: Seeing Starr as a waitress at the hunger banquet

Starr: The day that I quit my job as a Phonathon caller


HCB: What was your last Google search?

Molly: “Jacob Satorius tour”

Claudia: “How to cook a 13 pound turkey”

Kasey: “Mashed potato rolls”

Nicole: “Soundcloud”

Starr: “How to draw a Turkey doodle”


HCB: What’s the grossest food that you can think of right now?

Molly: Mushed up hot dogs mixed into cherry jello and laid gently into a pie crust

Nicole: Pickled onions

Starr: Bologna and mayo

HCB: Who would play you in a movie?

Molly: Hillary Clinton

Claudia: Starr Saunders, because I just want to be like her.

Kasey: Zooey Deschanel, because she is oblivious and emotional and so cheerful that it sometimes borders on annoying.

Starr: Betty White. I have done multiple school research papers on her and she’s the perfect candidate.  


HCB: Most embarrassing moment in college?

Molly: I don't remember because I try really hard to suppress those bad memories.

Claudia: Honestly, it was the entire series of events at the first Joe's night second semester junior year.

Nicole: Falling down the stairs at any frat house ever.

Starr: Like every single day of my life, it constantly is being updated.


HCB: Best pickup line to use?

Molly: Say nothing and just unbutton their shirts.

Claudia: I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds. What? You don’t believe me? Well then, let’s try it with your phone number.  

Kasey: I’ve never used a pickup line in my life, I just automatically attract people ;)

Nicole: My senior superlative in high school was ‘Best to bring home to mom and dad.’

Starr: Wanna catch a falling star? (I’m literally usually physically falling).

HCB: The last text you sent is what will be written on your gravestone. What is it?

Molly: “smh you need some tips from hot mama”

Claudia: “Nope”

Kasey: “So let’s just enjoy it!!!”

Nicole: “At the front door of the building”

Starr: “I’m not there right now”


HCB: What movie/TV show best describes your life?

Molly: Sausage Party

Claudia: How to be Single

Kasey: Threat Level Midnight

Nicole: Clueless

Starr: It’s a tie between Dazed and Confused and Dog With A Blog


HCB: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Molly: Somewhere close to a city, but also in the middle of the woods, where it’s not too hot.

Claudia: Somewhere on a beach, sippin’ something strong.

Kasey: Somewhere where it’s fall all the time, and it doesn’t rain, but it's not blindingly sunny either, and it’s constantly 64 degrees.

Nicole: I’ll let you know when I get back from Hawaii next week.

Starr: The water.

HCB: Favorite TV Show to binge watch?

Molly: Anything on HGTV

Claudia: Grey’s Anatomy, I can perform an open heart surgery now.

Kasey: Fixer Upper or The Office… or New Girl… or NCIS… I love TV.

Nicole: Border Control, I’m also currently watching Drugs Inc.

Starr: Masterchef Junior


HCB: Relationship Status?

Molly: There's a boy I like. 

Claudia: See movie that describes my life^

Kasey: Quite happily taken

Nicole: I’m a mystery.

Starr: I’m on What’s Your Price?