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March Horoscopes

Check out your March Horoscope to see what’s in store for you this month…


Good news awaits. Whether it be regarding internships, job offerings, or things looking up academically, this month is going to be a great one.



Feel like things aren’t going your way? You are your own worst enemy. Don’t worry though. Instead of striving for perfection, embrace your flaws. This month, take the time to let go of some of the stress you have been experiencing.


Take this month to try something new—whether it be experimenting with a new cuisine, participating in a cool new activity with friends, or reaching out and meeting someone new. Opening up to new experiences is only going to enrich your life further.



Trust your instincts and it will guide you along the right path. Don’t doubt yourself, and instead, take a chance. Your gut reaction will lead you to making all the right decisions.



Wondering if you made the right decision? Don’t stress out and overanalyze everything. What is done is done, and instead you must brace yourself to deal with the consequences, both good and bad.


Been feeling insecure lately? Don’t worry. We all go through periods of doubt. What’s important now is to surround yourself with people you love and who support you.



This is your lucky month. Things are going to go your way—life may take you to unexpected but great places. 



This one will be a month of new experiences. Although you may be hesitant, don’t be afraid to embrace what life throws you and step out of your comfort zone.



Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends. They are there to help and support you through all of the ups and downs this month.


The ongoing conflict that has been present in your life for a while now is finally going to come to an end. It will finally reach a resolution that is going to lead to a weight being lifted off your shoulders.



This month is all about you. Take time every day to focus on your mental health, and try to relax.



You tend to overthink things frequently—resulting in much more stress than you need. Really take this month to work on you, and eliminate all unnecessary stress that may be clouding your life.





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