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Man Crush Monday: Zac Efron

Thank god for High School Musical. The musical that dominated my middle school years and brought us a young Zefron (and he sure has grown up since those days). Even though he has a “YOLO” tattoo (ugh), he’s still my pick for this week’s Man Crush Monday. Why, you may ask?

1.      That thing he does with his lips

2.      He has a nice smile

3.      Those arms

4.      Those winks

5.      He looks good in a suit

6.      That hair

So soft, even he can’t stop touching it


7.      He’s passionate

8.      His facial expressions

9.      He knows how to put on clothes

10.  He suffers for his art

11.  He likes to rock out

12.  He’s honest

13.  He’s fit

Fine with me!

14.  He’s a good dancer

Yes, yes we would.

We love you too, Zac!

No, Zac. Never say that.

We’re right here, Zac. Always and forever!


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