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Lynne Johanson, Administrative Assistant of Service Learning and Coordinator of Alternative Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Lynne Johanson is one of the many friendly faces you will see in the Service Learning office. She is kind and her door is always open and there if you need to talk. I have the pleasure of going on Alternative Spring Break with her as well as spending time in the Service Learning office. Lynne is an incredible woman on this campus and someone everyone should try to meet her. Read more below to learn about Lynne!

HC: What is your official job at Bentley?

Administrative Assistant of Service Learning and Coordinator of Alternative Spring Break

HC: How did you get involved in Bentley’s program?

I started working here in 1996 as a temporary receptionist in Continuing Education.  I was hired full time in January of 1997 and shortly after that I met Jeanette MacInnes in the Bentley Service-Learning Center (BSLC).   After talking to her and hearing the passion she had for the students and the work that was going on in this department, I knew that is where I wanted to be. At that time they had a position that was half time with the BSLC and half time with another department.  I have worked in many areas of the school along with the BSLC, including the modern language department, social science, IDCC, and also worked as the Program Director with the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic here at the University.  Eventually, the BSLC position became full time and I had to make a decision and I chose to stay with the BSLC.

HC: How long have you been working here?

I have been here over 17 years.

HC: Where have you worked prior to Bentley?

When I graduated I worked with the Trans National Travel Company before we started our family.  After that I have worked with many direct sales companies. 


Bentley related…

HC: Would you recommend every student to do Service Learning?

Yes, I feel it is very important for students to at least have a taste of doing service while they are here.  Once you get into the work force it can be very difficult to find time to do service in the community.  If you have had the opportunity to engage in this while you are here, in most circumstances people really enjoy it and realize the importance of the work they are involved with, plus it is fun!  You are in a business school setting where your classes, group projects, and homework are quite serious, involving yourself in service gives you a chance to choose what you like to do in the community and connect it back to your classwork.  You also tend to meet other like-minded people when you associate yourself with the BSLC.  Just a side-note, the students are amazing here!!!

HC: What is your favorite Bentley memory?

Well I have many but I will tell you about 2 of them… lol.

HC: What are they?

My favorite moment for me was when my daughter Jess graduated in 2008.  Definitely a proud parenting moment!

My second favorite moment was more recent and it is a combined favorite.  First was when we worked with KaBoom to build an $85,000 playground at the largest low-income housing development in Waltham.  We worked with KaBoom, United Health Care, The New England Patriots,  as well as the Waltham Police, Brandeis University and of course many faculty, staff, and students from Bentley University.  It was incredible to see over 200 people come together and work as one to get this accomplished in one day, amazing!!!  It was truly a day when you felt a great sense of community.  The 2nd part of this was when we had the grand opening of the community center in this same housing development.  The faces on the children and adults of this community made all the hard work and effort worth it.  

HC: What is your favorite spot on Bentley’s campus?

The service learning office because it is always happy and busy.


Outside the bubble…

HC: Where did you attend college?

Salem State University

HC: Hobbies?

I love to cook, spend time with family and friends, and I love to sing.  I have been involved with the St. Patrick’s Family players for 19 years and we have had the opportunity to perform all around New England as well as on the West Coast, and in Ireland, and Italy.  Our group performs a musical cantata called the Resurrection and we perform around the Easter season in many local churches and also have had the opportunity to perform at the women’s prison in Framingham many times.

HC: What do you like to do on the weekends?

In the summer, I love boating. My husband and I spend weekends on our boat in Mattapoisett, MA. We also love spending time with my family in Wells Beach ME for family vacations.  Family is the most important thing to me.

HC: Family?

I have been fortunate to be married to my best friend Dave for almost 32 years.  We have 2 daughters and a daughter-in-law.  Oh, and of course my little dog, Miss Fifi, she is definitely a big part of the family.  My husband and I met at my sister’s wedding.  My sister is actually married to my husband’s brother. 


Speed round…

HC: Favorite Vacation Spot:

Mattapoisett, MA in Buzzards Bay on the Cape because it is where our boat is. Also Wells Beach Maine because my family has a vacation home there.

HC: Favorite Sports Team:

Patriots all the way

HC: Favorite Band/Artist:

Jason Mraz and Avett Brothers

HC: Favorite Animal:

My dog Ms. Fifi, she half Westie and half Yorkie and she is ADORABLE. 

HC: Favorite Food:

Italian food

HC: Favorite TV Show:

Criminal Minds, The Voice, Downtown Abby, Shameless


Hey all my name is Claudia Holub. I am currently a senior at Bentley university. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to country music and going on runs!
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