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Let’s Get Political

If you don’t know about the issues, it’s time to learn.

As college students, we’re in a state of limbo until we graduate into the real world and are expected to know what we’re talking about. We should all be proud to have our own beliefs, stand up for causes we’re passionate about, and even stray away from the views of our parents. The 2016 Presidential election is around the corner, and it’s time we all take the issues seriously so we can start contributing like the adults we are (or are planning on being). 

If you haven’t registered to vote, that’s your first step. Registering varies by state, so click here to find out what you have to do. Only 38.5% of Americans voted in 2014 – your vote is your voice… let your voice be heard. 

 We all know that kid who spews his unwanted opinions and you swear he’s just repeating everything he overheard his dad say – make it your goal to not be like him. 

You can identify as a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you can lean more towards solving the issues using a bipartisan approach (i.e. the folks over at NoLabels) – let’s just get educated.

I’ll make it easy for you. Click here, to visit isidewith.com where over 22 million voters already used iSideWith to find their candidate match. Take the quiz to determine your stance on issues you may not have even thought of, like social issues (same sex marriage), environmental, economic, domestic policy, healthcare, foreign policy…. And the list goes. You only have to answer 3 questions per issue, but can choose to answer more – and at the end, you’ll be paired with your candidate match.

Visiting iSideWith.com can be used as your stepping stone into understanding the upcoming election, and after that, the political world is your oyster. If Chris Christie is speaking nearby but you’re not a Republican, go listen to him; there’s no harm in opening up your mind. You might not agree with Hillary Clinton’s stance on foreign policy, but you might be surprised that you agree with some of her other points.

Before you know it, you’re going to be so politically savvy you leave your Uncle speechless at the Thanksgiving dinner table. 


Hi, my name is Molly! I'm currently the Co-President and a Campus Correspondent for Bentley University's HC chapter. 
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