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A Kylie and ColourPop Comparison

We’ve all heard the rumors that Kylie Cosmetics is made by ColourPop, and that the products Kylie sells are no different than their cute ColourPop counterparts. But just how similar are they? Check out the crazy similarities in Kylie’s new “Weather Collection” (a super cute tribute to baby Stormi!) and the older ColourPop releases…

Up first: Black lipstick chosen from both companies’ new releases. Pretty strange that both are the same shade, and both have shapes embossed into them!

Next up: Super pigmented glitter shadows! ColourPop just recently released these in the past month, and they’ve been a total hit. Kinda shady that Kylie came out with the same idea, with a similar color scheme…

Another one: These new loose highlighters. The colors of both the packaging and the highlighter itself are a little different, but the concept is SO similar, especially because the loose highlighter was included in ColourPop’s most recent release!  

And finally: These new highlighter/eyeshadow pressed-powder shadows! The color scheme of each is slightly different—as is the shape of the pans—but it’s undeniable to see the similarity between these!





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