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Kailey Sullivan and Katie Schore, ‘21

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

Basic Info:

Kathryn (Katie) Schore

Class: 2021

Hometown: Westchester, New York

Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting with an LSM in Health and Industry


Kailey Sullivan

Class: 2021

Hometown: Groton, Connecticut

Major: Undecided—possibly Management with an LSM in Global Studies and a minor in Finance



Katie: Younger sister, sophomore in high school

Kailey: Younger brother, junior in high school


Her Campus Bentley: What are you involved in on campus?

Katie: I participate in Service Learning, the Women’s Leadership Program, and intramural basketball

Kailey: I’m on the Sailing Team, and am also a member of Colleges Against Cancer, Service Learning, the Women’s Leadership Program, and the Student Ethics Ambassadors


HCB: Do you want to study abroad? Where?

Katie: I most definitely want to study abroad, but I’m not set on a place because I may have to take major courses while I’m there.

Kailey: Yes, definitely! I’d love to go anywhere in Europe or South America—maybe Italy or Spain!


HCB: What is your life motto?

Katie: Confidence is 80% of the battle.

Kailey: Choose to be happy and say YES, especially to new experiences.


HCB: What are some things on your bucket list?

Katie: Skydive and visit Australia; I’d also like to skydive while in Australia

Kailey: Visit all 59 US National Parks—I’ve already covered 19 :) I’ve also always wanted to go to New Zealand!


HCB: If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do? (Think big!)

Katie: Go home, pick up my dog and my parents, and take us all to Fiji. Oh, and my sister too.

Kailey: Go to Greece with my best friends! And maybe go skydiving too.


HCB: Current Netflix binge?

Katie: Just finished Black Mirror, now onto New Girl

Kailey: Yeah, what Katie said.


HCB: What would the name of your mixtape be?

Katie: KSchore’s Freshest Beatz

Kailey: 0-100 Real Quick


HCB: If you could have dinner with any celebrity/public figure, who would it be?

Katie: Jeff Bezos—I would ask him for some profitable ideas

Kailey: I can’t choose between Michelle Obama and Sheryl Sandberg



HCB: What is your favorite part of Bentley?

Katie: My friends

Kailey: All the different things that there are to get involved in…and burrito Wednesday


HCB: Favorite food?

Katie: Filet mignon

Kailey: The best lobster roll ever from a restaurant at home called Ford’s


HCB: Favorite movie?

Katie: Bridesmaids and Just Go With It

Kailey: Forrest Gump


HCB: Favorite song?

Katie: “Anything” by The Fray

Kailey: “The Other Side of Paradise” by Glass Animals


HCB: Favorite thing to do in Boston?

Katie: Eat in the North End, obviously

Kailey: Walk around the Common and try out new places to eat


HCB: Favorite vacation spot?

Katie: The Jersey Shore with all of my cousins and my Grandma

Kailey: Pacific Northwest—I have a lot of family in Washington state and love visiting them. That part of the country and amazing!


HCB: Favorite sports team?

Katie: New York Yankees all the way

Kailey: Red Sox

College freshman living in and exploring the vibrant city of Boston! Born and raised in the dirty jerz. 
Native New Yorker Brooke Camarda has had her eclectic share of jobs—from the runways of NYFW to the haunted hallways of NYZ Apocalypse. Commonly known by her alter ego of Wonder Woman, there's no task or adventure that the skydiving-enthusiast isn't willing to take on. She loves typography and cappuccinos almost as much as she loves her (very) big family, and is thrilled to be writing for Bentley University's chapter of Her Campus.