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Kailey Sullivan and Katie Schore, ‘21

Basic Info:

Kathryn (Katie) Schore

Class: 2021

Hometown: Westchester, New York

Major: Corporate Finance and Accounting with an LSM in Health and Industry


Kailey Sullivan

Class: 2021

Hometown: Groton, Connecticut

Major: Undecided—possibly Management with an LSM in Global Studies and a minor in Finance



Katie: Younger sister, sophomore in high school

Kailey: Younger brother, junior in high school


Her Campus Bentley: What are you involved in on campus?

Katie: I participate in Service Learning, the Women’s Leadership Program, and intramural basketball

Kailey: I’m on the Sailing Team, and am also a member of Colleges Against Cancer, Service Learning, the Women’s Leadership Program, and the Student Ethics Ambassadors


HCB: Do you want to study abroad? Where?

Katie: I most definitely want to study abroad, but I’m not set on a place because I may have to take major courses while I’m there.

Kailey: Yes, definitely! I’d love to go anywhere in Europe or South America—maybe Italy or Spain!


HCB: What is your life motto?

Katie: Confidence is 80% of the battle.

Kailey: Choose to be happy and say YES, especially to new experiences.


HCB: What are some things on your bucket list?

Katie: Skydive and visit Australia; I’d also like to skydive while in Australia

Kailey: Visit all 59 US National Parks—I’ve already covered 19 :) I’ve also always wanted to go to New Zealand!


HCB: If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do? (Think big!)

Katie: Go home, pick up my dog and my parents, and take us all to Fiji. Oh, and my sister too.

Kailey: Go to Greece with my best friends! And maybe go skydiving too.


HCB: Current Netflix binge?

Katie: Just finished Black Mirror, now onto New Girl

Kailey: Yeah, what Katie said.


HCB: What would the name of your mixtape be?

Katie: KSchore’s Freshest Beatz

Kailey: 0-100 Real Quick


HCB: If you could have dinner with any celebrity/public figure, who would it be?

Katie: Jeff Bezos—I would ask him for some profitable ideas

Kailey: I can’t choose between Michelle Obama and Sheryl Sandberg



HCB: What is your favorite part of Bentley?

Katie: My friends

Kailey: All the different things that there are to get involved in...and burrito Wednesday


HCB: Favorite food?

Katie: Filet mignon

Kailey: The best lobster roll ever from a restaurant at home called Ford’s


HCB: Favorite movie?

Katie: Bridesmaids and Just Go With It

Kailey: Forrest Gump


HCB: Favorite song?

Katie: “Anything” by The Fray

Kailey: “The Other Side of Paradise” by Glass Animals


HCB: Favorite thing to do in Boston?

Katie: Eat in the North End, obviously

Kailey: Walk around the Common and try out new places to eat


HCB: Favorite vacation spot?

Katie: The Jersey Shore with all of my cousins and my Grandma

Kailey: Pacific Northwest—I have a lot of family in Washington state and love visiting them. That part of the country and amazing!


HCB: Favorite sports team?

Katie: New York Yankees all the way

Kailey: Red Sox

College freshman living in and exploring the vibrant city of Boston! Born and raised in the dirty jerz. 
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