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Jumpstart your Wardrobe: 5 New Fashions for Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bentley chapter.

After the long and harsh winter full of sweaters and scarves, Spring is finally right around the corner. And the best way to make it come faster is to change up your wardrobe by adding some new pieces to get you in the good-weather mood. Take a look at these 5 fashion trends of the season.


Ombre Denim Shorts– If you haven’t seen these yet you will soon. These shorts make everything brighter by spicing up your everyday denim shorts with exciting colors. The best part is that you can find practically every color and every combination possible. So you can go with something low-key like shorts that are all one color in varying shades; or you can spice it up and go for something exotic, like bright green and yellow. Whatever you choose these shorts will have you feeling happier in no time. 


Tie-in-the-front Shirts– Bet you never thought you would see these come back into fashion but it seems that they are back and here to stay (for this season at least). The nice thing is that they are being featured on all types of tops from the classic country button-down to blouses. Also you can take your pick on how you want to wear them so no need to show off your belly-button to the whole world if you don’t want to. 



Bubble Necklace– Looking to make a statement with your everyday outfit? The bubble necklace can do just that and so much more. The bright colors give your outfit that extra pop it needs and the necklace is so big that it won’t be ignored. Get a ton of these in your favorite colors and they will make you look like a fashion guru in any outfit. 


High-Low Dresses and Skirts– These started popping up last year but are coming out in full force this Spring. The nice thing about these skirts and dresses are that they are both girly and fun. Many are chiffon or other thin and flouncy materials that flatter almost every body type. Also, they give you something different to wear when you just can’t stand to wear your skinny jeans one more day. 


Bright Blazers– These may not be the newest fashion trend but they will definitely give your wardrobe the jumpstart it needs. Not only do these give your outfit some extra color but they also make you look professional and pulled together, even when heading to your 8:30 class. These look amazing paired with skinny jeans and a neutral t-shirt. 


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Jessica is a senior at Bentley University majoring in Marketing and minoring in Computer Science. She is the co-president and editor-in-chief of the Her Campus Bentley branch and loves anything and everything Her Campus! In her spare time she enjoys reading and writing about pretty much everything.
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