Jack Scurti '19

Meet Jack Scurti—although it’s a rare occasion that you’ll hear someone actually referring to him as "Jack." Scurti is a fun-loving, always energetic sophomore majoring in Accounting. Read to learn more about Scurti, and his transformation from cargo shorts.

HC: What’s the Jack Scurti starter pack?

JS: A v-neck, hair gel, purple Beats, and cargo shorts.

HC: What are some of your hobbies?

JS: Vaping.

HC: Biggest pet peeve?

JS: People who vape.


HC: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

JS: Buy a kinda-pretty-awesome house.

HC: Best pickup line?

JS: I don’t need pickup lines.

HC: What was your favorite part of freshman year?

JS: Stripping for Lexi Squire.


HC: Favorite dance move?

JS: I don’t have one move—I just let the music take me.

HC: Current favorite song?

JS: Broccoli.

HC: If you could be any celeb women who would be?

JS: Jennifer Aniston.


HC: What do you miss from high school?

JS: It being socially acceptable to wear cargo shorts.

HC: If you could be any food, what would you be?

JS: A hot chili pepper.

HC: When did people start noticing your exceptional dance moves?

JS: When I nae-naed out that womb.


HC: What are classic Jack Scurti lines?

JS: “Come through…bring girls,”  “it’s lit,”  and “bro, YOLO.”

HC: What’s your one goal for sophomore year?

JS: Make Late Night Lit Again.

HC: What’s the diameter of your bicep?

JS: Swoll.


HC: If you dropped out of school, what would you do for work?

JS: Well, due to my aggressive dancing and previous experiences with stripping, I think it’s a no-brainer.

HC: Who is your favorite musical artist/group?

JS: Fifth Harmony. If you don’t like Fifth Harmony, then we can’t be friends.

HC: Who are some positive influences in your life?

JS: My phenomenal roommates. Unfortunately, I can’t exactly call them “positive influences.”


HC: Relationship status?

JS: Single...always.