I Didn't Know Cuffing Season Was a Thing...

So I heard some of my friends mentioning cuffing season the other day...and me being super innocent and unknowledgeable about relationships I of course had to ask "What's that?" So for all of you out there who weren't aware, yes, cuffing season is a real thing and here's what it is:


Apparently, between fall and winter many people who aren't normally in relationships find themselves lonely and want to be "cuffed" to someone else. This could be because it is extremely cold outside and people are therefore more in the mood to snuggle under a blanket in front of a fire, or it could be because winter makes people sad and lonely. Or, maybe college girls just really want some new jewelry and think cuffing themselves to men would be a great way to get some nice Christmas presents (which sounds kind of devious if you ask me).


There's a part of me that thinks this sounds ridiculous. Why are we happy being single the rest of the year and then suddenly think we need to cuff over the holidays? Sure, when your great aunt asks you "do you have a boyfriend yet?" for the 20th time, at least you can say yes, but is it really worth all the hassle? What if you just find a guy who wants to be with you for a few short months while it is cold and then he becomes uninterested in the spring? What are you going to buy him for Christmas? Why are you willing to appear desperate for a relationship just because you want someone to snuggle with?


On the other hand, with the way Hallmark portrays holiday relationships, I can see why anyone would want to get cuffed when the weather turns cold. Snow starts falling, Christmas music is playing, and snuggling under a blanket with some hot chocolate and a sweetheart are all elements of this magical time of year. Of course you want to spend it with someone else! Plus, why not use your loneliness as a way to start a relationship that very well might last past cuffing season?


Whether or not you think cuffing season is the perfect time to start a relationship, just know that it is here, and people are looking for someone to take home for the holidays! Beware and enjoy!



Happy cuffing season!


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